Tuesday, November 30, 2010

quotes..part 1

i'm not going to talk about wise saying by famous people and take the famous quotes from google or books but i'm going to write bout some quotes that i will never forget either from my parents, friends, teachers, strangers or other people around me..

1. love that has been shown off is a fake the end, only money that matters -mom

this is quite funny..but it's kinda true right? my mom a conservative lady but yeah..i agree with her..when she sees youngsters nowadays holding hands on street or showing their affection towards each mom will's a lie!..haha..when u got married and have children..that is when the reality's not all about love..there are just something more than that..

2. as a can befriend with whoever that you like but one thing..keep your pride -dad..

when i see youngsters these days..they love to hold hands and hugging each others..*still ok*..kiss in public *that irritates me* know thing that scares me being in a relationship is this kind of thing..yes, i'm aware that if we love that person much, we would LOVE to give EVERYTHING to him..but we have guidelines that has to be for me, i wanna obey it alright..bear with me my-future-bf..hold hands still ok but just don't cross the line ok..pride is important to girls..what my dad said is so true..example, guys can run or hide somewhere or claim it's not his fault of getting the girl u get the picture?..they still can escape but it's hard for us, keep your pride safe before you marry..

3. guys is not suitable to get through a marriage in early age -dad & mom

both of my parents always said this to us..guys are not suitable to get married in such a young must be more than 26 and above..know why..coz marriage is not an easy job..both parties must have commitment and ready to be committed to the's about for will lead the families or in other words..they are the head of the house..husbands saying is a, imagine if the men are young husbands..not mature enough and still wanna enjoy their life..poor the wife and children..and how to lead a good life till reach the golden age?'s not going to be, think about it..don't get married till you stabilize everything..physically and mentally...^^

4. help others and someday there are people who will help you when you are in need -mom & dad

this parents always others while you still can..InsyaAllah, one day if you need help there are people that will give their helping hands..^^

5. everything already been our job is only to find the path and follow it -dad

i know everything already been written in lohmahfuz..yes! everything is there..right from the minute that we born till the day or time or caused of our death already being, just accept it..don't ever put fate at fault coz everything happens for a reason, remember?..bad or good..we decide it..that's why God gives us brain to think..use it and your life would be better..^^

6. be grateful for everything -mom u know what is it?..i don't have a solid definition about it but from what i know..just be grateful of what you have right now..don't compare yourself to the luckier person than you but to the person that not as lucky as you are..then, automatically you will feel gratefulness in your heart..Allah creates everything for a reason and your role and follow the guidelines that He already gave..InsyaAllah..your life will be full of happiness instead of sadness...^^

End for now and i will continue later..not the next post but maybe after few others..=D hope u guys enjoy reading not a good writer but try my best to express it...^^


i din get tag by anyone..i just wanna do it myself since i feel like doing it..XDD

here we go..

1. adakah anda rasa anda hot?
--> hot?..haha..never..i'm not even a slim or pretty come i become
a hot one?..LMAO

2. update wallpaper yang anda guna sekarang..

3. cerita pasal gambar ni
--> it's changmin!! favourite and handsome youngest maknae ever!..i miss him much and i like this, yeah..decided to use it as my desktop wallie..^^

4. kali terakhir makan pizza..
--> i can't remember it well but i guess a week ago..with my sis and her friends..^^

5. lagu terakhir anda dengar?
--> for now it's my destiny by dbsk/'s so nostalgic and i really love this song..(n_n)

6. apa yang anda buat selain sedang membuat tag ini?
--> guess watching phobia 2 at the same time...^^

7. selain nama sendiri anda dipanggil apa?
--> angah, aiai, ai, sarang

8. tag lagi 5 orang
a. atul
b. along
c. jija
d. hara
e. afie

9. siapa orang no. 1 dengan anda?
--> one of my best friends from high-school...=D

10. katakan sesuatu pada orang no. 5
--> wish u can go to singapore and meet your fav idol, 2PM..amin...^^

11. no.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
--> err..she got crushed with somebody i guess but i have no idea it's who..LOL..she doesn't wanna tell me..that's why..XD

12. bagaimana pula dengan no.2?
--> bagaimana apa?..relationship?..she's still single so far that i know but she got scandal everywhere..haha..she's my sis..come on lah..XD

13. kata2 cinta kepada orang no.4
--> how am i going to say it? should be like this..hara, saranghaeyo!..u gotta be one of my best sis ever!..=D

14. berikan fakta 4 tentang orang yang kamu tag

a. atul
- her relationship status is still vague..
- her new crush from kpop is shinee minho
- she was a prefect back in high school
- she's one of my best bud

b. along
- she's taking her master degree now
- a korean mania like me too..
- she's kinda good in house chores..
- she kinda love to give orders to her younger sis..XDD

c. jija
- she's a cassiopeia
- she's my adik
- she loves to blog and i like to read it..
- she's one of the sweetest people u've ever met

d. hara
- she sings well..
- she has the same age as mine
- currently obsessing with anime
- she's a lovely person

e. afie
- she's my friend since childhood
- she loves kpop
- totally a happy-go-lucky girl
- she's fun to be with


*as usual..who asked you to do the tag please..XD*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

support us!

dearies..can u guys show us your support??..please watch this vid and like..we are entering MBC audition..hope u guys can help us..thanks in advance..=D

but you guys have to watch it on YOUTUBE!..CLICK HERE AND 'LIKE'

Monday, November 22, 2010


there are many types of memories, right?..but what i'm going to talk about is a few of my memories that can't be forgotten..they are not important just happen that they can't get out of my brain..XD

bear with me..they kinda random..

1. my mak long's milo!!..her milo seriously is a taste that i can't forget..

2. the way of my pak long eats his rice with kuah masak asam..i don't know..maybe he just into it and make it looks very yummy!~..=D

3. everytime when my dad tells us bout his experiences dealing with supernatural stuff..seriously interesting and you should see the way he talks..and damn!..most of them are totally scary..however it has been the strongest reason why i feel safe when me dad is around..i trust in him 101%..=D

4. i often injured my knee coz i really love to run here and there..the funny thing previous wound haven't healed yet and i already fell for the second mom got angry at me and said 'deserve you right', what did i do when i fall down again..i hid myself behind the door so my parents can't find me..and end up crying alone..haha..

5. i once made my sis's eyes almost got poked by the sharp end of a thick stick..we were playing the bicycle..round and round..ok..i hold the stick horizontally and when she wanna get through, i will lifted the stick up so it's like providing her the way..however, for fun i don't wanna lifted it up and when she came while speeding her bicycle end up broken into two pieces and one of it pierced into my sis's eyebrow and gosh..she was bleeding like hell..i didn't now what to do..i brought her to the bathroom and clean up her blood..when my parents got home from work..i was so scared my mom will scold me, i told her the whole story while crying..luckily she said my sis's eyes were ok..i feel relieved but till now yeah..still feel guilty for that...

6. i often saw where sisters argue over a small thing..well, let's reminisce when we were in our childhood..i always scold my sis with no proper reason..feel like hate her and everything..what she's just so wrong and she always end up crying and screaming coz of me..and before, both of my sis were afraid me since they said i'm like the lion which will kill anybody whenever i felt threatened and against me..haha..that was the past, am behaving like super-pure-innocent-sister-and-stupid-sometimes...XDD

7. i always scared of my cousin's house..her house is like a castle in the woods..and at's creepy ya know..hahaha...

8. when we were still young..we didn't play computer games or play station..we played games that the feel was more enjoyable than modern ones..we laugh..cried..joke around and friends are like everything..every evening we will went out and seek friends to play..i will post about traditional games that most of the modern kids are not able to experience....

9. when cousins's time to hit the ground!!..come n play!!..=D

10. i used to push my lil sis if they came near to my's like i'm the only one that own her..fine..i got jealous very easy ok...hahaha..but now not anymore..besar dah lah i..x larat dah..XDDD

Friday, November 19, 2010

kpop collections..

these are my current pics for my kpop collections..i got few more others that dun have in the picture..but yeah..these are some of it..
this pic is my other kpop stuff..SuJu,UKISS,MBLAQ,2PM,Big Bang, B2ST n others..

DBSK stuff..


i was tag by purpleKyu

a. create your own title..
b. write 25 things that you think people should know about you..

1. a full time Cassiopeia..part time as others..^^
2. ultimate Jaejoong bias..
3. get angry easily if people bad-mouth about my idols..i don't touch yours..why touch mine?...>.<
4. love to spend money on buying kpop stuff instead of other things..
5. don't like SNSD..fullstop..*but i like the songs and slightly liking Soo Young n Sunny*
6. people around me said i'm stubborn..
7. have my mood swings..i can change in s split second..
8. don't like to cook..*let Jae makes dish for me..haha*
9. more to Harry-Hermione pairing than Ron-Hermione coz i think Harry worries bout Hermione more than Ron since the first sequel..and they do look good together..
10. have full collection of Harry Potter books..and plan to buy complete of DVD set after Deathly Hallows end..
11. comics lover too..
12. love to stick to my mom the most..
13. can make people easily angry with me sometimes..
14. not a good speaker so that i try my best to present my feelings in writings but damn..i'm suckz at that too...(u_u)"
15. love to blogwalking n make friends..especially with those who has the interest same as mine..
16. feel enjoy learning especially languages..
17. often made my own decision and sometimes that habit makes my friends often feel dissatisfy with me..
18. would love to go abroad to continue my master level..
19. i enjoy ballad songs more IF DBSK is the one who sings them..=D
20. surfing internet more than doing other activities..
21. thanks to twitter that makes me feel close to my idols..
22. not a fashionable type coz am just very simple girl..
23. try to think positive everytime bad things happen coz i know Allah will always be there for me..guiding and trying to teach me a lesson so that i can improve..
24. hate when i'm talking then suddenly people is interrupting or not paying attention..hey! don't you learn how to respect people when they are speaking?..gosh..

tag: are you reading this? honest and start doing this tag!..LOL..*sorry since i don't know to tag who*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

everything is DBSK..


see the five guys up there?..guess you guys already know them right?..all kpop fans should be recognized this amazing is super weird if you don't..anyway, in this post i would love to tell why i love the boys..people often ask me why i'm so into them..why not attracted to others just like i attracted to for me..i will tell u why...

1. they can SING..

who doesn't agree with me? one right?..of course since DBSK is so famous about being so talented in singing since they themselves has the vocals..when they sing, i feel like the time has stops and let the world listens..their harmonization together is just so one point i can confidently said they are the best out of the best and even can beat the world top singer now..=D..consists of wonderful soothing voice Jaejoong, amazing husky voice Junsu, ridiculous high-pitch Changmin, super unique voice Yoochun and awesome manly vocal Yunho..together they can create the best melody ever...^^

2. they can DANCE..

another talent that born with is dancing..ever watch how they dance? will melt and dies thousand thing..till now i can't resist the hotness that they boys bring since they debuted..their pelvic thrust and hip wave..i can be dehydrated caused by drooling too much or sick due to severe nosebleeding..XDD..admit that other groups can dance well too but for me they are still the best..^^


no more to say..the boys always having behaviour that please short..they own all those good qualities that should have in every person..seems hard to find any flaw in them..their passion in music amaze me much..their strong willing in getting through bad and hard times touched me to the core..their humbleness and innocence make me love them more..^^

don't know bout these...

call me outdated or whatsoever u wanna call me but yes..i admit that i don't even know about these freakin' applications..their existence seems so silence to me to get acknowledge..anyway..

i don't even know that personas can be applied in cometbird..*stupid me*..i know the features and everything is similar to's just that i didn't expect that the persona theme also can be applied..thanks to afie jun..i went to her house today and saw the persona using by her cometbird and i searched for it right after she sent me home..LMAO..

another one is is an application for twitter..seriously thanks to afie jun i have downloaded it and can see my twitter updates without opening the site..XDD

seriously i need to explore more and be more up-to-date..aii..i should take a rest from kpop for a while..*but sure i can't..:p*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Choikang Changmin

few days back as i watched DBSK old vids..i cried so hard when i saw our handsome and mischievous maknae..i miss him so bad..his ridiculous high-pitch voice..his mismatch eyes..his smirk..his tease to the members..everything..yes!..once again i said i miss SHIM CHOIKANG CHANGMIN! for Yunho n JYJ boys..often heard news about them and know their whereabouts..but it's a different situation for changmin..never heard from him at all..only knowing that his paradise meadow will be aired early next year..and current rumor about him being sick and fullstop..that's's not enough ok..i want more..whether he's sick or healthy..really itching wanna know where is our maknae now..changmin ah~~..where are you now dear??...seriously i miss u!...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Beginning....

what is the difference can be made when looking at sunrise and sunset in pictures?..can't really make a difference right?..except the fact that in our mind we know it rises from the east and set in the west..but as for me...

sunset is a mark that we have made another day as a history..whether it's a bad or good experience on that doesn't really matter..take it as a lesson and guideline to improve in the future..

sunrise marks that a new day has experience will be created and thank god still giving me chances to breathe in the air..try to make every day as a new opportunity to live the life to the fullest and it is just The Beginning...=D

niagara falls.....

you must be wondering why suddenly i post about niagara falls right?..take a break from kpop a while..actually i dun have anything to blog yet i must find something to post..and this picture of fierce pouring water popped up in my head..and dang!..this what i have found..LOL..well, niagara fall has caught my attention long time ago and it never fails to amaze me everytime i look at of my wishes..i wanna visit this place someday and see one of the greatest of God's thing that cross my mind when look at this is "what happen if i jump into this fall?..will i survive?..will my death be so tragic?..surely my body is really really really tiny if take a whole pic of this fall with myself is jumping into it"...haha..silly isn't it but yeah..those kind of supid-question-like always make me wonder..XDDD..anyway, don't you find it awesome even just by looking at the pictures?'s some..

what an amazing scenery, right??..

the blue and crystal clear water like calling me to jump and swim into it..XD

niagara falls during the night..super cool!..i wonder how it appears like that..LOL

the colourful it the reflects from one of the sky-crappers around?..but who cares is indeed beautiful!...=D