Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JYJ Stan? HoMin stan? NO! A Cassie here..

i have this thought for quite some time and only today i can spend a moment to write what i've kept inside me.. STANS appear after HoMin n JYJ taking their own paths in music careers..i don't wanna touch on what JYJ n HoMin had done for these 2 years plus but what i wanna tell is all about their new fans.. some of them understand what Cassies who support all 5 feel but MOST of them NOT!..that has what makes me so angry and pissed off..but the most hate part is Cassies who claim love for them 5 before start to taking her/his bias side..i don't's just that i detest when you start bad mouth the other party.. don't ever tell that HoMin dun have courage to leave SME.. don't ever tell that JYJ left SME coz of money.. never know what had happen in the past.. were not there where we saw and experienced together with DB5K when they had their tears and joyful moments.. had no idea what SME saw that SME is there to help HoMin but you never know their agenda behind it..
STANS..for those who support 5 before but taking sides now..confidently i said, shame on you calling yourself as a true cassie since for me, a true or loyal Cassie won't take sides and keep on cheering each of them..
STANS..for those who understand what ot5 feels, we thank you very much and how i hope that you came to our family earlier so that you won't love for only 2 or 3 of our brothers but all of them.. said that JYJ were betrayers but can't you think a lil bit deeper?..JYJ is so talented in making musics but if they stay under SME, do you think they can be as what they are now?..enjoying careers as singers, actors and composers?'s not all about money, my much more than as you can see and please stop to act like you know everything.. said HoMin is there staying in SME just coz they don't have courage to follow JYJ path, but do you know that coz of HoMin DB5K songs still can be played and heard by us today? you know how hard HoMin wanna defense TVXQ name?..filling empty spots of those's not that easy..
STANS..just hope you stop bashing each other side and don't pick a fight with OT5 Cassies by saying us delusional and everything..yeah..we don't wanna move what?..and i wonder if you know the meaning of faith..coz for me..having faith is like hoping and praying to God that our wishes will be granted..don't be so confident saying that they won't back as do you know?'s future thingy which you have no idea what will come..
as for these boys, since they had lived together for almost a decade, do you have any idea how deep is their brotherhood and friendship can be after together through all the hardships? you know how much they love each other?, right?'s easy..coz you are NOT THEM!..that's all..
one day..i hope that i can see five tall-handsome men standing in a picture like this..not two or three..till then..ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH and my love for JAEJOONG, YOOCHUN, JUNSU, YUNHO and CHANGMIN will never change.period.