Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ZE:A Sky Jamband CF..

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the boys are so hilarious!!..haha..i can't restrain myself from laughing and smiling throughout the cf..enjoy guys!!..and i seriously want that phone!!

Yunho for Nylon..

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i miss this a lot!!!..

New Girlgroup Groomed By Shinhwa Eric

A new girlgroup groomed by ShinHwa Eric will debut this year end.

A representative said on the 6th, “We are currently preparing for the debut of a girlgroup which Eric worked hard in grooming.”

“Eric has given in a lot, including working for this new girlgroup’s album, for the debut of his hoobae girlgroup. We are targeting for them to debut this year end. We are still deciding on whether to make this a 4-member or 5-member group.”

Eric is known to be the talented rapper and dancer in ShinHwa, and much anticipation is into how this girlgroup will be like with his grooming. To add on, being the hoobae (juniors) of one of Korea’s biggest pop legend group ShinHwa would sure help this girl group with a good headstart.

Meanwhile, Eric is currently serving his military service, he had joined the military service last October.
credit: sookyeong @ kbites

Jaebeom working on his album with Teddy Riley

Park Jaebeom which in the United States right now is involved in an album working with Teddy Riley who has worked with Michael Jackson and is an Hip Hop and R&B producer. Jay is working on Teddy Riley's new album and popular rapper Snoop Dogg is also participating in it along with others.
Jay has been catching the attention of many with his recent covers he uploaded on youtube like the video he uploaded last March, a cover of BOB's "Nothing on You" with over 400 million views already.
Teddy Riley is not only associated with Snoop Dogg but also with famous hip hop artist T-Pain. Also, Jay has been cast in the movie Hype Nation and will be coming to Korea this June.
credits: dkpopnews.

2PM & SNSD Get Wet In a New CF!

pictures for the rumoured collaboration cf together 'carribean'.
they all seem to be having a blast!
credits to: dkpopnows & the person who found the pics.