Friday, July 9, 2010

no other..super junior

i know everyone is talking about their new mv, right?..well, i'm not an exceptional too..i totally and definitely adore them in this song..oh my~~..the way they are proposing will flatter any girl heart i can word for this song..awesome!..and the boys did a great job since they learnt this dance steps only thru video clips that sent by their choreographer who didn't make it to teach them..bravo for our boys!..

- i would love si wonnie to tie my shoes..
- i would love to receive yesung's ring..
- i would love to read heenim love card..
- i would love to see all the 'love' pics taken by teuk..
- i would love to have the rose by hae..
- i would love to hear hyuk raps the love line for me..
- i would love to complete the love puzzle with shindong..
- i would love to have kyu big love collage..
- i would love to wash the car together with wookie..
- i would love to watch sungmin play love song with his keyboard..

this is the mv..and below is my fav performance..

i really love to see them smiling and enjoying the song..especially my hyuk..XDD

happy birthday, our dangerous cinderella Heenim

Hye guys..i'm back! 1st post for today dedicated to our dangerous cinderella and adorable heenim!..hope he will always stay healthy and have a happy life!..heenim oppa, saranghaeyo..^^