Saturday, July 30, 2011

my beloved..externals HDD..

external hardisk is the most important thing you shud own if you are a fan of kpop..if have to depends on your lappy's will never be enough..NEVER!..coz you must have a very large space to put in all your daily dose inside..get what i mean?, in this case..i have my very own external hardisks..exactly FOUR of them..and i'm gonna add another one soon..3 of them are 500GB and another one is 640GB..reason why i wanna buy another one is obviously just coz i don't have enough space to stuff inside anymore..all of them now exactly left only at least's pathetic isn't it?..wondering why my externals are full?'s due to a reason only..KPOP..KPOP n consumes more than 90% in the hardisks..=D

i never like if my hardisks are in mess..folders have to be systematically arranged and all the files must be sorted, as for the very main folders..i created based on their main activities..example..full shows, mv and performance and picture of you..=D

these are my full shows including sbs dream concert, gayo daejun of mbc, sbs and kbs, MKMF+MAMA award shows, music bank, music core and even inkigayo..ohya, star dance battle shows are in here the picture to see in full scale=D

click to view full for this collections of pictures..kpop the most of course..i shocked my self when i checked there are more than 35000 pictures in it..LOL..

and this is my collection of mv and performances..ranging from solo artists to girl groups and boy groups of course..=D

last but not least..this is the example of sub folders that i have in every group or solo artist folder..take DBSK as an example..i collect all their clips and categorized based on their songs...these are only in my very 1st external..i can't show the other complicated how to post many folders and variety shows are in the 2nd one..3rd and 4th are combination of variety shows and dramas+films..=D

till then..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

DBSK macros part 2

i updated the second part of DBSK for this one..i'm posting the one that i think kinda funny and dose for you laughter..haha..part 3 is coming soon..all pictures are not mine..credited to the owner and again #tvxqmacros for sharing..^^

Harry Potter..this is the end..

i watched harry potter like 2 days was exciting and fun but sad for me a lil bit since there will be no more harry potter sequel to be watched..sob sob sob..i'm gonna miss my trio much!!..i've been with them since the very first part of harry potter adventure was 10 years ago..woah..time really flies fast i'm re-watching the first one of harry potter story..i came to realize that the trio really had grown up much..from three cute little kids to 3 matured beautiful people..i'm not gonna spazz much bout them since i know you guys feel the same way as i am..=D

did i ever mention that i'm dan-emma / harry-hermione shipper rather than ron-hermione or even harry-ginny...heheh...n honestly yeah..i have the syndrome of worshipping hero-heroine couple instead of like hero-2nd heroine or heroine-2nd hero..get what i mean?...hehehe...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DBSK Macros Part 1

i was on hunting for DBSK macros, these a part of what i got..i will post part by part..and this one is about min and the foods..don't credit to me if you take this's credited to their original owner and #fuckyeahtvxqmacros for sharing..=D

seriously these made me laughing like mad today..haha..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's a total sweetness~

today i cried..yeah i made my heart really hurts..i don't know what's the actual reason but it's just that my mom refused to talk to me..that's her greatest weapon when she got angry..her killer silent treatment..the story went like this..

my parents+my elder sis went to he hospital for my dad's check up but it happened that they'll be home, they tried to reach my lil sis and me through phone calls but fails then my elder sis (along) sent a message to my phone..the phone was in the bag so i didn't notice..when they got home, they mad at us coz we haven't done any single task they told us to do..*sigh*..

so irresponsible me..i just ignore them and let them do the work..god!..i don't know what was i thinking that time.. feel regretful now but it's already late, right?..later, others are ok with me but not my mom..she's not talking to me..*sudah, mmg sah lah dia marah*..

i tried to act cool and even been so quiet till i gone for work and when i reached my workplace..i can't hide and bear with it anymore and let everything's out..gosh..seriously when i'm crying i feel like my heart gonna burst's so heavy but the burdens flow along with the tears..

i hate when i fight with my mom..i don't know whether she will be ok in 2 or 3 days time..or maybe tomorrow..i can't predict coz the last time she gave her silent treatment..she gave it up within 2's scary even thinking about it..haha..anyway, i'm trying my best not to follow my emotions too much coz i dun wanna feel like a weakling..crying over a small stuff again n again..but what to do since am so sensitive and maybe a bad crybaby..haha..friends always told me this..i look tough outside but inside is too soft..haha..*shrug*..

but there's another thing that touched my heart after that..a friend of mine..HAWA, she gave me an ICE-CREAM!..chocolate sundae to be precised..

i feel like shouting a great 'thank you' to her!..for you it seems a small stuff huh?..but not for shows me how she concerns and cares for somebody..during that time while am not in so good situation, she called me and asked me to eat it and don't feel bad anymore..i just feel super and damn good that there's a person who cares for me actually..i will do the same thing for you too my dear..i can't promise i will always be there but i can be super good listener if you have problems to be shared..thank u so much..terima kasih byk2..coz of you too my mood is ok for the rest of the day...feeling pon ok sgt2 dah lepas makan aiskrim tu..rasa terharu sgt jugak..^^ i won't forget what you have done for me... ♥♥ you!..=D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

my new crushie...Mario Maurer

this Thai hearthrob makes every girl's heart who watches him pounding very fast..comes with super good looking face, fair skin, tall and sweet smile enough to make the heart melts..i fall head over heels for him..he's mixed german and chinese..and dat's the answer why he's so handsome, right?..i dun care whether he's taken or not..still going crazy over him!..mario maurer baby ♥♥♥!!..

p/s: he was born on 4th december 1988 and that makes him my oppa!!..=D

How was it?..did you feel attracted?...heheh..i know you do!..admit it!..LOL

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Boss My HERO..My Special Someone..


I have a boss that really look like my hubby..hahaha..i swear to work for him for the rest of my life.promi5e..XD

Here's him...LOL

During the meeting..

He loves looking like this whenever he's not going anywhere..LOL

When he's sick..can't stay still..there is always something that he wanna do..

Most of the times when we are alone..he's more comfortable without shirt on..haha

Poor baby..he's so tired flying back and forth..

Love when he sings for me..haha..can't stop him..*shrug*

When he's sleeping at home..*every morning, i won't let him go off the bed too early..haha*=D

see the moles?..never miss kissing each mole every night..miahaha


Saturday, July 2, 2011

[PICS] JYJ World Tour Backstage

credit to: sharingyoochun