Saturday, July 30, 2011

my beloved..externals HDD..

external hardisk is the most important thing you shud own if you are a fan of kpop..if have to depends on your lappy's will never be enough..NEVER!..coz you must have a very large space to put in all your daily dose inside..get what i mean?, in this case..i have my very own external hardisks..exactly FOUR of them..and i'm gonna add another one soon..3 of them are 500GB and another one is 640GB..reason why i wanna buy another one is obviously just coz i don't have enough space to stuff inside anymore..all of them now exactly left only at least's pathetic isn't it?..wondering why my externals are full?'s due to a reason only..KPOP..KPOP n consumes more than 90% in the hardisks..=D

i never like if my hardisks are in mess..folders have to be systematically arranged and all the files must be sorted, as for the very main folders..i created based on their main activities..example..full shows, mv and performance and picture of you..=D

these are my full shows including sbs dream concert, gayo daejun of mbc, sbs and kbs, MKMF+MAMA award shows, music bank, music core and even inkigayo..ohya, star dance battle shows are in here the picture to see in full scale=D

click to view full for this collections of pictures..kpop the most of course..i shocked my self when i checked there are more than 35000 pictures in it..LOL..

and this is my collection of mv and performances..ranging from solo artists to girl groups and boy groups of course..=D

last but not least..this is the example of sub folders that i have in every group or solo artist folder..take DBSK as an example..i collect all their clips and categorized based on their songs...these are only in my very 1st external..i can't show the other complicated how to post many folders and variety shows are in the 2nd one..3rd and 4th are combination of variety shows and dramas+films..=D

till then..


fhmk-- said...

sis, you're really osm i have 1 Terabyte HD almost full with K-drama, DBSK and SJ. 3 of this things consumed the most space of the HD, i do not collecting others as much as them D: waegurae lol.

Xeera Nazira said...

hoot! same dgn unni la. unni pn penah gak wat entry camni. show off vids n segala bnda dlm HD. hahaha.
i supposed to have 4 externals but 1 tu dah rosak. T_T
most of them are about TVXQ. my precious. haihhhhhhh. nsb baik ada copy kt cd. kalo jumpa aiza, leh barter ni. hehe..

Anonymous said...

show off !!