Thursday, November 18, 2010

everything is DBSK..


see the five guys up there?..guess you guys already know them right?..all kpop fans should be recognized this amazing is super weird if you don't..anyway, in this post i would love to tell why i love the boys..people often ask me why i'm so into them..why not attracted to others just like i attracted to for me..i will tell u why...

1. they can SING..

who doesn't agree with me? one right?..of course since DBSK is so famous about being so talented in singing since they themselves has the vocals..when they sing, i feel like the time has stops and let the world listens..their harmonization together is just so one point i can confidently said they are the best out of the best and even can beat the world top singer now..=D..consists of wonderful soothing voice Jaejoong, amazing husky voice Junsu, ridiculous high-pitch Changmin, super unique voice Yoochun and awesome manly vocal Yunho..together they can create the best melody ever...^^

2. they can DANCE..

another talent that born with is dancing..ever watch how they dance? will melt and dies thousand thing..till now i can't resist the hotness that they boys bring since they debuted..their pelvic thrust and hip wave..i can be dehydrated caused by drooling too much or sick due to severe nosebleeding..XDD..admit that other groups can dance well too but for me they are still the best..^^


no more to say..the boys always having behaviour that please short..they own all those good qualities that should have in every person..seems hard to find any flaw in them..their passion in music amaze me much..their strong willing in getting through bad and hard times touched me to the core..their humbleness and innocence make me love them more..^^

don't know bout these...

call me outdated or whatsoever u wanna call me but yes..i admit that i don't even know about these freakin' applications..their existence seems so silence to me to get acknowledge..anyway..

i don't even know that personas can be applied in cometbird..*stupid me*..i know the features and everything is similar to's just that i didn't expect that the persona theme also can be applied..thanks to afie jun..i went to her house today and saw the persona using by her cometbird and i searched for it right after she sent me home..LMAO..

another one is is an application for twitter..seriously thanks to afie jun i have downloaded it and can see my twitter updates without opening the site..XDD

seriously i need to explore more and be more up-to-date..aii..i should take a rest from kpop for a while..*but sure i can't..:p*