Monday, February 15, 2010

seung hyun+maknae rebellion=chaos..

do u guys know who is seung hyun?..he is the maknae in ft island..he is hilarious..a guy that really blunt, innocent and totally no idea how he is being so humorous..haha..i watched maknae rebellion (MakBanShi) with SHINee and was epic! i watched him throughout the show, he always being the funniest and adorable one..if u guys watch where SHINee is the guest, u must have watch the part where there were crossdressing, the maknaes were so 'beautiful'..really fall for jin woon boyish style, yun hwa cuteness, seung hyun prettiness and dong ho adorableness..hehehe..

and the part that i cannot stop from laughing was in one of the episodes where SHINee sent a challenge letter to maknae rebellion team..seung hyun danced to SHINee ring ding dong and there was one part where the dancers must dance as lightly as the butterfly but seung hyun dance cracked me up..XD

i never think that i will write about this new maknae but after watch maknae rebellion, i think seung hyun isn't bad at all!~..he is cute and funny..haha..

one more thing..i'm getting into SHINee more and more..=)

what a wonderful weekends..

i arrived malacca last saturday and guess what..the day i stepped my feet in the house, my dad asked whether wanna follow him ate capati or not..i'm not a person who favor capati much but after went to this 'warung', i changed my mind..capati is a must in my fav-food lists..hehe..the 'kari' is damn nice!..^^

and the very next day which on sunday, we went out to the new jusco!'s totally gigantic and the biggest jusco that i've ever seen..each floor like never meet it end..that's means i'm not finish with the exploration yet..hahaha..since the time was really jealous of us, we were not having enough time to do the, we only have time to grab babies stuff..a pair of shoes for maisarah and pair of mittens for my newborn niece..hehehe

and the excitement continues when we went to the zoo today!'s been ages since we saw animals 'live' in front of was my sis who planned to go to this's really a tired yet fun day for us..we took tons of never ending pictures and i just hope that i can go to this animal kingdom some other time with the whole family participating..=)

plan for tomorrow?..i don't know but hope it will be as beautiful as those past 3 days..^^