Sunday, January 9, 2011

still TVXQ!

i can't stop myself from blogging bout current issue that involves the's kinda frustrated but this time i have decided that

as long as i'm a Cassiopeia..i will not stop from believing and support the boys..Cassiopeia is created for those who love the boys dearly..never let go of their hands and cherish them no matter what it takes..i knew for the past few days, junsu's tweet has made the controversy..luckily mr.egg or we know as elbowyish has defended our Junsu..even i'm an outisder..i know Junsu won't hurt anybody..being a fan for 7 years of's impossible not to know basic things bout him..he's like an angel from kind and humble and full of modesty in himself even being so famous is definitely a character of a person named Kim Junsu..and to those of his haters and people who came to defend HoMin..i guess you guys should stay out of this topic since it's not related to you..HoMin never say a word to this so don't busy yourself to be cynical and attack by using words to guys won't help anything..instead of making the situation at only make it worse..

just like JYJ has stated and believe..they will come back as 5 again one day even they have no idea when the day will for this..i will stay keep the faith..DBSK is definitely the 5 stars that shining brightly in the night sky and it won't be the same again if one of the stars is not there or not sparkling the boys, always keep strong..we know your strong brotherhood and make it as a point to be one again..ignore all those words and rumors..just keep continue what you feel is already grown up enough to be able to for me..i will be right here..standing proudly beside you..forever..supporting..loving and caring for you.. <3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

on hiatus....

sadly to announce here..i will not be active blogging until i'll be home during Chinese New Year which is like 2-3 weeks from now..keep on dropping by comments and follow me..i will drop by at your blog and follow u back when i'm home..don't worry..i won't miss out happens coz like u guys already knew..BROADBAND SUCKZ!..and there's no wifi at my's hard to open a site it's kinda impossible to load some of heavy page..*sigh* ..btw, to my visitors..thanks for always dropping by and to my friends who never stops giving comments and brighten up my page..u guys are jjang!...^^

so, till then...see u guys later..seriously going to miss chatting wif y'all...^^

p/s: to whoever commenting in the cbox..i will say 'hi' back when net is not being so gay like this, okay?..i'm sorry..but don't worry..i'll be back..keke