Wednesday, May 4, 2011

aFrAiD..Yes I Am...

i always have this feeling

afraid of death..
afraid of being hate..
afraid of the feeling being left alone..
afraid of the feeling being forgotten by people that i care and love..
afraid of what others think of me..
afraid of everything..


now i know it's not good to have these kind of feelings..yes i do understand that everybody has their own fear but don't be over-afraid since this will not good and will affect on anything that you do..try to overcome those feelings and you will feel better and perform well in everything that you do..

sometimes by reading quotes and idioms inspire me to become a better person..don't force me to improve fast since i'm quite slow to become better..i'm not good at receiving criticisms in order to improve..don't criticize me or i will start to hate and despise you..yeah..that's me..i'm sorry for being that way and i'm trying to change that part slowly..well, is it mean that i'm not an open-minded person?..i guess so..i'm quite a sensitive girl..i can be happy and be hurt by one word that you've been said to me..moreover, if you are one of the closest people to me..anyway guys..don't be afraid or doubt to be friend with me since i treasure my friends the most since they/you are the best thing that happen in my life..paddle with me through this ocean of life...^^ thank you for everything and i will keep you guys close to my heart forever..=D