Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Beginning....

what is the difference can be made when looking at sunrise and sunset in pictures?..can't really make a difference right?..except the fact that in our mind we know it rises from the east and set in the west..but as for me...

sunset is a mark that we have made another day as a history..whether it's a bad or good experience on that doesn't really matter..take it as a lesson and guideline to improve in the future..

sunrise marks that a new day has experience will be created and thank god still giving me chances to breathe in the air..try to make every day as a new opportunity to live the life to the fullest and it is just The Beginning...=D

niagara falls.....

you must be wondering why suddenly i post about niagara falls right?..take a break from kpop a while..actually i dun have anything to blog yet i must find something to post..and this picture of fierce pouring water popped up in my head..and dang!..this what i have found..LOL..well, niagara fall has caught my attention long time ago and it never fails to amaze me everytime i look at of my wishes..i wanna visit this place someday and see one of the greatest of God's thing that cross my mind when look at this is "what happen if i jump into this fall?..will i survive?..will my death be so tragic?..surely my body is really really really tiny if take a whole pic of this fall with myself is jumping into it"...haha..silly isn't it but yeah..those kind of supid-question-like always make me wonder..XDDD..anyway, don't you find it awesome even just by looking at the pictures?'s some..

what an amazing scenery, right??..

the blue and crystal clear water like calling me to jump and swim into it..XD

niagara falls during the night..super cool!..i wonder how it appears like that..LOL

the colourful it the reflects from one of the sky-crappers around?..but who cares is indeed beautiful!...=D

MTV JYJ Wallpaper


credit: MTV Site