Wednesday, February 23, 2011


yes!..i'm pissing off over the issue that related to ki bum and xander ukiss..what i heard is truly ridiculous..they have been kicked out from ukiss just coz of lacking skills??!!..seriously wth??!..i detest NH Media for this..and before, their reason why xander and ki bum are leaving due to some personal problem..and recently just fans know that it's not the bum being so upset and xander has stopped tweeting about ukiss's's really sad seriously..and to NH Media..don't give lame excuse just to cover and defense yourself from ukiss's fans when it's obviously you are the one who made both of them leave..and saying they have lacking skills, then why you made them debut at the first place, dammit!..that's why i called stupid..weak, low and lame to xander oppa and ki bum..hwaiting guys..there is a bright future waiting you ahead..even if you are not with ukiss members anymore, don't be upset and continue your fight..let that fella see your success and regret what they did to you..i love you guys and ukiss will never be the same again..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

hate..cannot online

i can't online!..that blog or updates on kpop for several weeks from now on..*sigh*..and fb and twitter, my dear readers..please wait for my next update later..not in the closest time i guess..but no worries..i won't abandon my blog totally..just in need a little time since i don't have broadband with me and college's wi-fi would be in follow if you think my blog is interesting and i will definitely follow you back..drop comments in my cbox too coz that way i will know who and who is visiting mine...^^

till then..i will miss u guys...=D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hoi Hoi Couple..

usually i won't easily fall for couple on screen but Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi really make a good one..they are the pairing that i adore to death after Ji Hoon n Eun first i thought this story and the chemistry of this two won't be good but after i watch the series..i'm totally and absolutely wrong!..they are the cutest and most adorable couple ever!!..honestly, i'm not a fan of Min Ah coz well maybe due to overload jealousy since she got to act with most of the handsome actors out there..haha..but this drama changed me..i fall for her cuteness, prettiness, innocence etc etc..i'm her big big big fan now!..i'm looking forward for her next drama or movies..=D
how i wish every man will say his ideal is this lady since she's really pretty yet so humble person..just see how she talks you will know..^^
even seung gi is her dongsaeng but yeah..i will make an exception for this couple..aish..why don't they release BTS dvd like khotboda namja and you're beautiful..would be great and definitely grab one..haha..neway, for those out there who still hesitate either wanna watch this drama or not..suggest u guys better watch it or you will miss a very good drama..=D
thanks to Hong sisters..this series really a big success...^^