Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preview: Come to Play WG & SUJU as guests

A special prepared by 'Come to Play' for the current global era!
Two idols who are in the middle of Hallyu comes to 'Come to Play'!
Korean girl group's pride who seized America!
Super Idol (Heechul, Leeteuk, Shindong, Donghae, Kyuhyun) who conquered Asia!

[Promotion of national prestige Guinness record]
President of Asian girls! Super Junior!
- The story about being photographed by a bodyguard and in the bathroom!!
- Concert ticket sold by a scalper! The highest price is?!
- Leeteuk! I'm a man who has gold! The story about receiving a present of a mic filled with gold!

Wonder Girls who seized America with cute+sexy!
- 'Nobody' used in the election campaign in Philippines
- Sohee, the story about being kissed by an American fan!
- Wonder Girls' new member Hyerim! Who treats her the best and the worst?

Nobody and Sorry Sorry dance which influenced prisoners!
Those funny videos revealed!

[Small room meeting!]
Korean's global idols Wonder Girls-Super Junior! The project to make the two group close!
Small meeting started with the intent to have fun! However, slowly some peculiar feeling starts to occur..

- Won't let go of a woman who he picked once!! Who's the one from Wonder Girls that Donghae picked?
- Ye Eun! The story about her first impression of Leeteuk being bad is?
- A meaningful text sent to Sunye! The writer of "Do you remember oppa" is?!
- Sohee! Bad boy Heechul! But I think he'll treat me nice!

Twist that exceeds the movie Six Sense!
Who will be the final Wonder Girls-Super Junior couple
that succeeded in proving themselves as a couple through a music program!

on Monday night~

Source: Come to Play official website

Saturday, May 29, 2010

what an unlucky month for me..

i have to write this no matter what..i just feel unlucky for what has happened to me in these past few weeks..all these unfortunate events started when i lost my IC and other important stuff because i lost my wallet when i went for's still ok since all those things can be retrieved again..secondly was when my external hardisk faced some problems that made me change it's casing and made me thought all files in it already's still ok..and recently, my gold bracelet that was given by mom LOST as well!'s lost!..and i really feel guilty for that seriously..i went to cinema to watch movie with my other 3 sisters and when i found the bracelet no longer on my hands, i rushed to the cinema workers and asked them to look it for me..and as usual..i left with disappointment..and the time that i afraid the most is to tell my mom about it..i know she will understand but of course will scold me like hell..her anger is not by nagging but by giving you her super scary silent treatment..and she did give it to me..maybe this thing will last for quite some time since this time i lost one of the most precious item..

honestly, i hate when she does it..i mean giving me treatment like that..anyway, my eyes seems hurt a lil and usually she's the one who like most worry bout me but today. just like i've expected..she just ignored me and i feel a bit hurt..*sigh*

well, i dunnoe till when this situation continues but if she's able to read this..

Mak, orang mintak maaf sgt2 coz hilangkan rantai tangan tu..memang orang jaga benda tu elok2 tapi still die hilang jugak..bukan bende tu hilang means orang x appreciate bende tu..kalau bende tu x berharga for me, org x kan pergi susah2 cari balik kat cineplex tu..but ok..i admit it..still i'm at fault..mak jgn fikir orang x susah ati and seyes rase bersalah sgt2..dah lah dlm few weeks nih byk sgt dugaan and i feel like nobody is there for me to share my sorrow..bile pikir2 balik nape bende ni happen to me?..maybe coz org jht ke?..ada byk salah ke org buat? dah x larat nak nangis dah..air mate mcm x dpt tolong ape2 pun..lega kan je kot..anyway, i humbly ask for your forgiveness and thanks for not yelling at me...till then..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

happy birthday our madam park!


happy 2nd anniversary my shining SHINee


there goes my 500GB external hard drive..

i'm so damn sad and i cried like mad 500gb external hardisk crash!..oh my~..that is my worst nightmare and fear all of this time and yesterday it happened..just imagine..thousands of vids in it lost just like that..waaaaa~~..i'm so lazy to download all over again..luckily there's a friend of mine who fancies kpop just like i do..but my pictures..they all gone..sob sob..i can't do anything unless to format the hardisk again..and there's another problem which is my external is hardly detected by computer..i dunnoe why..seriously i'm speechless and my anger towards my sisters yesterday really flaming..but to comfort myself i just said the vids and pics can recollect later and she promised me to download all the shows again..mirah, i keep ur promise, ok?..and as for this time..i want all HD ones...LOL..

p/s: to all external hard drive careful not to crash like mine..if it just feel wanna hang yourself or slamming the thing on the floor hard..haha..

anyway, before i end..i'm fangirling much lately and totally adore this total fanboy of wonder girls..who else if not our.....

HEENIM!!! got the girls' signature right after they made their first comeback on Music Bank..i'm anticipating for more wonderjunior interactions and can't wait for wonder girls family outing!!..=D

Friday, May 21, 2010

random ..random..random..

i dunnoe what to write for these past few, i guess most of you think i've already abandon it, right?..seriously i will never do so like i mentioned in my previous post..this is the place where i can express my feeling and share it with the world..anyway, i'm still here still enjoying in my kpop world..believe it or not..i've been living like this for 10 years..quite a time,isn't it?..^^

currently, streamyx at my home been activated and since that i'm downloading videos like non-stop..haha..from tvxq to ze:a..i download them all and my external of 500GB already full with kpop and i'm gonna buy new one next year as well..another 500GB..LOL

by the way, there's something lingers in my i not being tired of kpop?..and the answer is 'no' but honestly i'm kinda tired in keep updating the news and rookies that debut day by day..*sigh* i feel like i'm getting old already..haha

and there's even people ask me whether i'm turning myself into an ELF..the answer is i'm already an ELF since Super Junior debuted but i'm a total CASSIOPEIA since the beginning..i will never abandon anybody coz i adore each of the celebrity in kpop especially the boys for me..hahaha..

and there are people said wonder girls are not good enough?..well, i consider them the best out of the best among girl groups..newbies can't never beat them..why am i saying this??..coz rookies concept are just da same..good beat of music, quirky fashion sense and energetic dance while on stage..this is a total different from wonder girls who follows more to retro style and their innocent-hot-sexy style are just guys just dun get it, am i right?..let it be coz you are not a fan from my generation..u guys just dun, i'm not even a wonderful coz of their songs but their ATTITUDE as well..=D

and to tell the truth..don't criticize wonder girls on being the same style or 'owh, nothing's new..retro again'..tell u what..just look at others..they are all the same for god sake..not only my wonder girls but your idol too, okay?? just accept it..

and that's all for today post..gonna update more later...^^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

happy BAEday tae yang-sshi!!


{NEWS} Super Junior 4th Album Number 1 Weekly Chart Sweeping , 70000 Record Sales in 5 days

Super Junior has sweeped various weekly music charts with their 4th album.

On the 13th, Super Junior has conquered daily charts in various CD sales charts including Hot Tracks and Yes24 and even conquered weekly charts (Second week of May.)

Super Junior who has gotten a lot of attention with the pre-order sales of 200000 CDs has sold over 70000 CDs at Hanteo Chart becoming the top CD sales in the shortest time in 2010 showing their power as the album king.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is gaining many people’s attention with their masculine appearances and charismatic performance at the comeback stage. Afterward, they are expected to actively continuing to promote “Miinah.”

Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

{FANACCOUNT} SBS Inkigayo Rehearsal Moments 05.16.2010

Credit: 海世代 HEYFISHERE
Translated by minoko2440 @
Reup/Shared by minoko2440 @
Distribute by: + aizamia@blogspot


1. During one of the recording, Donghae’s magician’s handkerchief wasn’t placed properly and almost fell out of his pocket halfway.

2. During one of the recording, Donghae’s shoelace was untied, he keep staring at his foot the whole time, luckily he discovered it early and did not trip.

3. During rest-time, Donghae was ‘fighting’ with Eunhyuk, playing all the way. In the end, Eunhyuk put his arm around Donghae’s neck (hugged Donghae by the neck) <3

4. Our Heenim, today isn’t that high-spirited. Seemed to think what he is wearing isn’t good. At the start, he doesn’t want to turn his head over when they were greeting the fans on stage. He even asked the ELFs whether his shirt is ok = =

5. Heenim’s eyes looked so luring. It is electrifying…

6. Halfway during recording, some fans are shouting faintly “Milky Skin Kim Heechul”, in the end, Heechul heard it and says softly “Saranghaeyo~”. The fans then continued “Kim Hee Chul~”

7. During the first recording, during his slide, Kyuhyun did not do it correctly and “over-slide”. He made a slight “oh oh” sound. During the third recording, he wasn’t that stable too. Please be careful.


1. Hyukjae was totally handsome in the last dance part, everyone was shouting “Lee Hyukjae Lee Hyukjae”. Then Leeteuk and Shindong heard it and acted angry, shouting “HaJiMa” (don’t do it), then everyone started shouting “Shin Donghee Shin Donghee”. Then its our Donghae’s turn to be upset. He walked over and shouted “HaJiMa”. Then everyone started shouting “Lee Donghae Lee Donghae”. Our little boy got his aim, and he smiled very happily. He even stick his tongue out and showed an “ok” sign

2. At one part of the dance, Donghae turned around to face the fans and showed the ‘victory-sign’. When he turned back again, he turned into the cool man and started dancing handsome-ly again.

3. When the recording ended, Donghae and Eunhyuk hugged, and they continued hugging each other while walking down the stage (walked like a crab).

4. When Ryeowook came out from the 3D-stage prop (those that watched will notice the “cube-like” prop on stage?), he bumped his head on the prop and “ah~”. One of the members came over and asked him if he is alright.

5. Before the music started playing, Sungmin keep shaking his butt and Eunhyuk went over and whacked Sungmin’s butt. Super cute. After that, Sungmin still continue shaking his butt. Then some fans shouting “Sungmin oppa, don’t do it~” then he stopped.

6. When the third recording ended, everyone thought it is ok and they can leave already, in the end someone requested for another time. Leeteuk says “Then let’s do it again”, and told ELF “Isn’t it good?” <– saying that ELF can watch it again.

7. Leeteuk even asked the fans if there is any fans from China. In the end, not only Chinese fans, Korean fans also raised their hands screaming “ME ME ME”

{NEWS} Lee Teuk says Super Junior will do its best with 10 members

Reporter : Park Kun-ouc kun1112@
Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>
Shared at + aizamia@blogspot

Lee Teuk, leader of Korean idol group Super Junior, has said the group will do its best to promote its latest album although making a comeback with only 10 of its original 13 members.

The singer made the remark during an interview with Asia Economic Daily on Friday ahead of staging their comeback performance on KBS’ weekly music show “Music Bank”, referring to members Kang-in, Kibum and Hangeng taking a break from the group.

Kang-in is planning to enter the army to fulfill his mandatory two-year military service, Kibum is focusing on his acting career and Hangeng is currently embroiled in a legal battle with SM.

“Many people asked if we are starting to lose our light or if we would no longer be showing a variety of performances which was our strength,” the singer said. “But we will try to put those worries to sleep through our activities…… The team is getting along better than ever.”

He added that Kang-in decided to take a break from his career and go to the military both for himself and for the team. He stressed that the other members were not against Kang-in in continuing his career after he got caught drunk driving last October.

Lee appeared confident about the new album, saying that they had received about 200,000 advanced orders for the record, compared to 150,000 orders they had gotten for the group’s previous chart-topping album “Sorry, Sorry.”

Super Junior — composed of members Leeteuk, Heechul, Han Geng, Yesung, Kang-in, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum and Kyuhyun — debuted in December 2005 with their first studio album titled “SuperJunior05 (TWINS)”.

They became a K-pop phenomenon across Asia, thanks to the success of their subsequent albums “Don’t Don” (2007) and “Sorry, Sorry” (2009), and held two sold-out concert tours in 2008 and 2009 titled “The 1st Asia Tour – Super Show” and “Super Show 2″.

Their latest single “BONAMANA”, the title track from the fourth record, has been sweeping various K-pop music charts since it was released on May 10.

Super Junior for W..

credit to:
shared by: aizamia@blogspot

Monday, May 17, 2010

finally....i'm back!

hello has been a long time since my last update..anyway, don't worry..i won't abandon my blog coz this is the place where i share my joy and sorrow moments..and i guess there are some of you already unfollowed's sad but that's ok..i will keep updating and thanks for those who are still here with me..i think i will update anything here starting from next post..not only about kpop but anything..i'm not a good writer tho so guess this is the best way to make this blog alive again..^^

anyway, to share some addiction that come again currently..

definitely the EunHae love!!..donghae posted this in his twitter and caused many fangirls scream over this..LOL..including me of course..haha

2pmjunior / su2pm are loved too!!..i just can't get tired seeing their interactions..i guess these 2 groups are really close, right??..i'm anticipating for more!..hehe

Monday, May 3, 2010

Kim HeeChuls shows that it is “Mandoo SoHee over YoonA”

Super Junior brought laughter to many netizens through his recent photos.

A set of new photos were posted up on the online bulletin board for HeeChul’s personal radio show SBS PowerFm ‘Kim HeeChul’s Young Story’. Of the photos, there was one which Kim HeeChul shows his love for WonderGirls SoHee over SNSD YoonA, who was the guest on the show. While another guest on the show Epik High Mithra Jin was too shy to look at YoonA proving that he is an ‘uncle-fan’ of YoonA.

Netizens’ comments were, “HeeChul is so cute”, What will YoonA do”, “HeeChul DJ given full marks for his good ‘sense’.” etc.

credit: kbites

it's good to see heenim still adores so hee..haha..can't wait for FO 2..heenim-so hee interactions!..i'm anticipating for it!..yosh!