Friday, May 21, 2010

random ..random..random..

i dunnoe what to write for these past few, i guess most of you think i've already abandon it, right?..seriously i will never do so like i mentioned in my previous post..this is the place where i can express my feeling and share it with the world..anyway, i'm still here still enjoying in my kpop world..believe it or not..i've been living like this for 10 years..quite a time,isn't it?..^^

currently, streamyx at my home been activated and since that i'm downloading videos like non-stop..haha..from tvxq to ze:a..i download them all and my external of 500GB already full with kpop and i'm gonna buy new one next year as well..another 500GB..LOL

by the way, there's something lingers in my i not being tired of kpop?..and the answer is 'no' but honestly i'm kinda tired in keep updating the news and rookies that debut day by day..*sigh* i feel like i'm getting old already..haha

and there's even people ask me whether i'm turning myself into an ELF..the answer is i'm already an ELF since Super Junior debuted but i'm a total CASSIOPEIA since the beginning..i will never abandon anybody coz i adore each of the celebrity in kpop especially the boys for me..hahaha..

and there are people said wonder girls are not good enough?..well, i consider them the best out of the best among girl groups..newbies can't never beat them..why am i saying this??..coz rookies concept are just da same..good beat of music, quirky fashion sense and energetic dance while on stage..this is a total different from wonder girls who follows more to retro style and their innocent-hot-sexy style are just guys just dun get it, am i right?..let it be coz you are not a fan from my generation..u guys just dun, i'm not even a wonderful coz of their songs but their ATTITUDE as well..=D

and to tell the truth..don't criticize wonder girls on being the same style or 'owh, nothing's new..retro again'..tell u what..just look at others..they are all the same for god sake..not only my wonder girls but your idol too, okay?? just accept it..

and that's all for today post..gonna update more later...^^

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Yoyo said...

you have been a kpop fans longer than im so jealous of you..
i got 1 tera external..n now almost full because of too much drama..i wanna get dvd to burn all drama n hd that i have backup n can delete those drama for new one...

bout wonder girls...
if its not retro...bkn wonder girls la~ since they hold that concept since tell me, why not 'kekalkan' their concept rite?? ^^

hidup x pernah bosan biler ade kpop kan?? *tears*