Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kim Junsu...DBSK

i know each and everyone of cassiopeia will feel very touched and maybe some of you will end up in tears watching these vids..even it's a happy vacation for junsu but i really do hope he can go with other members as well..he mentioned quite a few times about the members and i feel he really missed them so much..3hree voices..a dvd that worth to purchase but with the price that reach almost half of 1k make me rethink since i'm a student and not was born among the riches one..

after watching this show..i know..

i really miss Kim Junsu..Kim JaeJoong..Jung Yunho..Shim Changmin..Park Yoochun.. i wanna start to spazz about junsu..i'm able to watch only for the 1st episode but i will continue the rest later..

he's like the perfect prince in a white suit on a cruise i can tell!!..his engrish accent is still funny and entertaining..when he said "cheese and ham" made me lol-ing..his excited face when saw the opera house was just too adorable..running here and there with his boots was so cute..haha..well, everything about junsu is just too perfect for me..=D

anyway, for the rest of the show CLICK HERE!!!!....ENJOY!!

when i grow up...

sometimes when i'm alone, i'm thinking what i have been done in the past..what i like and don't like..and i think my perspective on certain things and matters already changed..

before..i thought that..

- men is not handsome or smart enough when they have moustache..
- pink is too girlish for me..
- "oppa" is not suitable for me to call someone older than me..
- i never get along with fashions..
- i'm too sensitive when someone mentioned how fat i am..
- gave speech was an easy task to do..
- people will stick to their behaviour and never change..

now..i think that..
- men looks cool and some of them are hot with moustache but must be trimmed..
- pink is a bright colour and suitable for girls..=D
- now i love to call older men 'oppa' or 'abang'..lmao
- fashions really change someone's appearance!
- now i'm not sensitive anymore..even my friends call me 'mok'..XD
- giving a speech really make you nervous and sweat..
- people do change..just like M.E...hahaha