Tuesday, August 3, 2010

when i grow up...

sometimes when i'm alone, i'm thinking what i have been done in the past..what i like and don't like..and i think my perspective on certain things and matters already changed..

before..i thought that..

- men is not handsome or smart enough when they have moustache..
- pink is too girlish for me..
- "oppa" is not suitable for me to call someone older than me..
- i never get along with fashions..
- i'm too sensitive when someone mentioned how fat i am..
- gave speech was an easy task to do..
- people will stick to their behaviour and never change..

now..i think that..
- men looks cool and some of them are hot with moustache but must be trimmed..
- pink is a bright colour and suitable for girls..=D
- now i love to call older men 'oppa' or 'abang'..lmao
- fashions really change someone's appearance!
- now i'm not sensitive anymore..even my friends call me 'mok'..XD
- giving a speech really make you nervous and sweat..
- people do change..just like M.E...hahaha


Yoyo said...

about the speech..oh my..seriously, even when i do my presentation also got nervous!!

by looking at your pic, u r not fat la~ compared to fatter!! LOL..

aizamia boojaejoong said...

haha..everyone got nervous when wanna presenting sumthing..LOL..even me..giler soak in sweat kot but few minutes kat in front ilang dah lah kot..XDD
itu yang selalu bwk paper or pen to hold...lmao

they told me that i'm fat..when frequently i heard they said to me like dat..i dah jadi imune dah..hahaha..suka hati lah korang nak panggil ape..x kesah lah..janji korang bahagia..

u fatter ke?..tipoo r..rase mcm u skinnier sket from me..heheh...

ape2 lah yoyo..janji kita happy....^0^