Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i'm the one who asked xeera unnie to tag me..XDD


The Rules:
Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat the song title. You can choose whichever song title that suits the answer - or you can choose to put your iTunes on shuffle mode to choose the answer for you.

+ Pick Your Artist +
TVXQ (a total dbsk bias alright..^^)

+ Are you male or female? +
am a FLOWER LADY..heheh

Describe yourself +
just like THE WAY YOU ARE..

+ How do you feel about yourself +

+ Describe where you currently live +

+ If you could be anywhere, where would you be +

+ Your favourite form of transportation +
something that SHINE..

+ Your best friend is +
the one who STAND BY YOU..

+ Your favourite color is +

+ What's the weather like +
good one like in SUMMER DREAM..=)

+ Favourite time of the day +

+ If your life was a TV show, what would it be called +
it will be a series of BEAUTIFUL LIFE..

+ What is life to you +
it is a MAZE..haha

+ What is the best advice you have to give +

+ If you could change your name ,what would it be +

+ Your favourite food is +
something that can be FOREVER LOVE..

+ Thought for the Day +
it's a CRAZY LIFE..

+ 3 person you gonna tag next +
HAHAHA..up to you whether wanna do or not..whoever read this..must do it ok?..

Monday, March 29, 2010

happy birthday gi kwang!!!

saengil chukahye gi kwang!..already a grown up boy huh..wish u all the very best in life and good luck for your future undertakings!..keep on showing ur sweet smiles that melt people hearts!..haha.. ♥ gi kwang!..hwaiting!

Friday, March 26, 2010

my suju will greet me whenever i'm on9..

i'm sure many of you guys already know about this add-on right?..well, i just get one for myself as well today since my net is quite ok..anyway, i'm really happy to have this for my mozilla..well, suju as 13 in a pic really hard to find so i decided to use, i haven't get over about super show ok even it's already been a week..why time flies so fast?? other ELF..totally miss my suju brothers..when will they ever come here again?..for super show 3?..i hope so..and the reason why i dun pick tvxq..hurm..let us conclude that the pics are not really made me attracted..till then..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ze:a second album released!..look up for Leap for Detonation..

the boys are back with mini-album consist of 3 songs currently which includes intro, man 2 man and all day!..check them out!




credits: kpoplive and the uploader

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[News] Eeteuk ''We'll give you a better Super Junior soon''

South Korea’s Super Junior – the largest boyband in the world – appeared to the Malaysian press briefly for a "chat session" at 4pm on March 20.

In Malaysia: Finally, Super Junior comes to Malaysia for a concert

The 10 members who were present (yes, 3 boys did not come to Malaysia for the show for various reasons) greeted the press at the VIP Lounge, Putra Indoor Stadium at Bukit Jalil.

Emceed by Liew Li Li, 8TV’s Mandarin News presenter, the session was conducted at lightning speed. The interpreter was OK, but a little too fast at times.

The press were not invited to ask questions as MC Liew was already given a set of questions by the organizers, Marctensia.

The boys trooped into the VIP Lounge at about 4:35pm, took a bunch of publicity shots, “talked” to the press for about 7 minutes, then took some more pictures with the organizers and sponsors. They were then quickly ushered out.

Problem?: Kyuhyun (back row, 2nd from left) wrestles with his chair

How do you feel about your first concert in Malaysia?

Eeteuk: This is our third visit to Malaysia. Our first visit was when we filmed the Dancing Out music video, we came here for the second time for the MTV Asia Awards (2008) and this is the third time – here for the Super Junior Super Show 2.

This time, we see many more supporters in Malaysia and we are very excited for that. It’s just a few hours away before the show. It will be a really fun concert today so everyone should enjoy it.

Being different: Heechul (seated, 2nd from left) does the "peace" sign while the others do their SuJu signature move

What can fans expect from the Super Show 2?

Eeteuk: It will feel like a party and Super Junior will even dress up as girls. I highly recommend the show and do enjoy it as it is going to be a lot of fun.

This is not your first time in Malaysia. What impresses you most about our country?

Eunhyuk: We filmed the Dancing Out MV in Malaysia, although it was very hot, the people are very sincere and it is a beautiful country.

Eeteuk: And at the hotel we are staying at the moment (Grand Millennium, Kuala Lumpur), there is a picture of us taken during our first visit to Malaysia. That’s awesome. The photograph also shows the majestic Twin Towers of Malaysia. Your country has beautiful palaces too. I really wish I can come back to Malaysia and I am really happy to be here today.

Curious: Shindong (back row, 1st from left) and Siwon (front row, 3rd from left) wonder who's behind the camera.

Do you have any message for the fans?

Eeteuk: I heard that for the first time in Malaysia, fans camped overnight at the concert venue. It (the concert) will be great as we can get closer to the fans…sharing the same air and just having a good time together.

And it’s really good that the tickets have already sold out. How do you feel about that?

Eeteuk: We are very honoured and we have waited a long time to be here. We now have the opportunity to be close to the fans. This is the first time, of all our visits to Malaysia, where we can really connect with our fans.

Cute: Eeteuk (front row, 4th from left) talks excitedly about being close to fans

Super Junior not only performs as a group, but you also have solo activities. Would you like to give us an update on your individual projects?

Eeteuk: Our brother Siwon will play the main role in the new Korean drama Oh! My Lady. Siwon: (in English) Hope you guys will like the drama. Thank you.

Publicity: Eeteuk plugs Siwon's new drama

What is Super Junior working on right now apart from the Super Show 2?

Eeteuk: We are working on the fourth album now and we hope to give a better performance, and a better Super Junior soon.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

onew cute mistake..

haha..he said 'singaporeto'..and taemin-goon continued with 'singaporeto gozaimasta'..haha..they are just too adorable..

credit: blingdoodlemachine

Onew's Musical 'The Brothers Were Brave' CF

onew smiles..*dies*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

snsd releases Run Devil Run mv..

now is the time for black soshi..^^

minho injured during dream team filming..

here's a fancam..oh my..poor minho..but shawol dun have to worry since the doc said it's only a minor injury..hwaiting minho!!..i know he won't give up easily since he loves sports much..get well soon!..^^

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 tvxq best selection official pics..

they really look smokin' hot!..i miss tvxq anyway..huhu

pics credit: as tag+naver+soompi+aizamia@blogspot

jaebeom covers 'nothing on you'

i'm glad to see jay again!..and he's still enjoying what he loves to do..btw, his abs is really hawt!..haha..and while i'm watching this vid..i just realize on how much i'm missing him..jay hwaiting!!..hope u will doing great and lead ur life just like everybody else..happy and healthy.. ♥ jay!!..

subscribe to his youtube channel..


Sunday, March 14, 2010

tagged by xeera unnie and jija..

Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave a comment (“You’re tagged!”), and to read your blog, you can’t tag a person who tagged you. Since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

1. i love to sleep late to online..

2. currently busy downloading u-kiss vampire 6th episode and sw33t potato
couple 3rd episode.

3. almost 10 years spending time enjoying in kpop world..XD

4. i love anything about 'hari raya' and i can't wait for the day to come every

5. i miss my tvxq boys so much..i guess every cassie also the same right?..^^

6. i can't wait for the boys and shinee to make a comeback..

7. just downloaded shinee vids at new zealand..shooting for their photobook
before made a comeback for ring ding dong..may shining shinee shines always!..^^

8. i'm jealous of yoogeun that he able to kiss shinee appa often especially

9. i love my families and never can live without them..=)

10. i want to buy another external..keke

11. i hate when people are not sensitive with others..that suckz..

12. i'm busy saving kpop pictures and guess there are more than 20k pics..hoho

13. watching we got married really make me wanna get married faster..haha

14. why is sunday is so far from friday and so close with monday?..aish..

15. it's a pity when there are no single cents left in your hands, right??..XD

16. declaring myself as a cassiopeia, elf, vip, wonderful, shawol, key's me, triple s, primadonna, hottest, blackjack, cloud, lucky 7, b2auty, a+, and in love with, 2am, z:ea, d-na, f.cuz, jang geun seuk, kim bum etc etc..that's too much to be listed..keke..

tagged: whoever that drop by to my blog..don't just ignore it ok?..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

thanks to IDM..

it has been suckz for few days in my life since i can't download what i's quite frustrating and annoys me much really..but recently i install IDM and it becomes such a great helper for me..even i'm using broadband to download, it's so much faster and i can download up to 4-5 vids at one time which a total amazement since the line at the place i live is duh~~..
here's the screencap i took while i'm downloading..well, i know it's pretty random but actually the highlight is KEY wallie!!..haha..i'm so love this pic!!..keke

[TAG] [QUIZ] 28 Questions Need to be Answered

Q1 : The latest 3 names in your message inbox.
$ echa $
$ pinat unnie $
$ daniella unnie $

Q2 : Your main Ringtone
$ i'm not using a phone that has nice ringtone $

Q3 : What you did at 12 last night?
& watching dbsk stuff with my housemates $

Q4 : Who was the last person you went out with? where?
& syuhada..library..hehe $

Q5 : The colour of the T-shirt you're wearing now.
$ dark purple $

Q6 : The last thing you did.
$ eat..XD $

Q7 : 3 of your everyday favorite items.
$ my lappy $
$ external hardisk $
$ my bed..hahaha $

Q8 : The color of your bedroom.
$ purple $

Q9 : How much money in your wallet now?
$ RM4..haha..i'm so broke $

Q10 : How's life?
$ well, u dun expect everyday will be great, right? $

Q11 : Your favorite songs
$ too much to be listed..well, of course the main ones are from kpop $

Q12 : What will you do next weekend?
$ stadium bukit jalil for suju's concert!

Q13 : When was the last time you saw your mum.
$ last month during the CNY.. $

Q14 : Where is she now?
$ at our lovely home in Malacca $

Q15 : when was the last time you talked to your parent?
$ last wednesday i guess $

Q16 : Who is the last person that talked with you last night?
$ my roomate $

Q17 : Where did you have dinner last night?
$ can't remember..hahaha $

Q18 : The last surprise you got.
$ can't track $

Q19 : Last thing you borrowed from your friend.
$ pencil $

Q20 : Who is your bf/gf or husband/wife?
$ my beloved MR KIM HERO JAEJOONG! $

Q21 : What do you feel now?
$ sleepy and lil bit bored $

Q22 : Wanna share with who?
$ nah~..juz feel to keep it alone $

Q23 : Who knows your secret?
$ i don't have any big secret anyway so i guess everybody knows my secret..XD $

Q24 : They keep your secret?
$ definitely! $

Q25 : Are you angry with someone?
$ not really $

Q26 : What do you order at McD?
$ one big cheese burger for me, please! $

Q27 : The last time you felt so sad.
$ i don't remember..errr.. $

Q28 : Who will you tag next?
$ u did read what i wrote right?..then please do it..hehe.. $

Thursday, March 11, 2010

it's really frustrating and annoying!!..damn!

sounds like i'm really mad huh?..that's definitely true!! makes me pissed off!! real player downloader isn't working like the way i wanted..each time i wanna download new vids, it will appear as 'unable to download' never fails to help me before this, but why now??..there are so many vids i wanna load into my hard disk and this time, it started to betray me??..huarrgghh!!..and the net also isn't excellent like always..i connected with other wireless network instead of library's one like usual..the signal strength is really 'duh~' but that's not the problem..and even i try to download youtube vids from other downloader sites like and also in vain..when i wanna download, it will start to have nonsense cache and whatever it is..i dunnoe what cause to all this mess..either my pc or the websites or the softwares i use not updated or the network i use?..i just clueless right now..can somebody help me, please??..'bengong lah!!'..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

just being random..

last saturday, i went to watch 'My Name Is Khan'..the story is quite good and have a pretty sad storyline as well..huhu..
anyway, i'm not going to talk about's just that during the show, i met with someone..she is known as 'fatin''s quite funny how i met her..oh ya, btw she's a kpop lover too..i was sitting at the very front line whereas she was just behind me with her friends..the show had not been started yet and suddenly i heard someone said 'aish, why don't do they play ring ding dong while we are waiting?'..then heard about minho..oh my~..i totally got excited..i met more people that in the same boat with me..'hantu kpop'..hahaha..
instead of watching the movie, we spent most of the time talking about's like a non-stop the end, i decided to go to her room and exchange vids with her..her vids totally a 'wow'..there are so many..hehe..
and i went back to my house around 2.30a.m.
now i have to sort all the vids again..^^

this pic of seung hyun i juz randomly take since i love his smile the best!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

sleeping with SHINee....

sounds ridiculous right? is..but it happened in my dream last night..haha..
i was watching them doing photoshooting and everything..after a moment, it was the time for them to get some sleep..the funny thing is i was there too..i was sleeping beside Minho..haha..the rest 4 were there as well..i dunnoe why i get this weird dream but honestly, it was such a great one!!..hahaha..being able to sleep beside SHINee..never think about it before..keke..and the highlight was when Minho put his arm around my waist since i slept with my chest on the floor..XD
anyway, i'm really really really super happy!!..haha

Friday, March 5, 2010

wanna talk about bad boys?..i introduce u one..

he's ELI from UKISS..he really gives deep bad-boy impression..even sometimes he's a total dork..i really like his style..^^

his killing gaze..

he's a hot blondie guy..and the hair..

totally fall for him when he does this..

i like guys with tank tops..*pervie mode turn on* XD

usually i don't like guys with caps but he's one of the boys that i made an exception..haha..

last but not least..a bonus..

see what i mean?..haha

spamming about alexander~

post today is about alexander from ukiss..^^
actually i like to see him since their early debut..but it's just happen that i'm not that concern bout him back then..well, i do now..^^

his frizzy hair crack me off..he's really the victim of his stylist..keke

i love guys with braided hair..definitely he's one of them..

i love his adorable look..

he's too cute compared to the teddy..haha

i love his smile the best and of course the highlight..his big round eyes..hehe

he loves to selca..he never goes anywhere without his camera..haha
selca-ing with kev..

xander got his hair washed..

last but not least..i love his style for's simply charismatic and gorgeous..^^

saranghae xander ♥ ♥ ♥

[PICS] SHINee and So Eun for Clride 2010

credits:as tagged

aizamia's note: i really like so eun..and when she had this photoshoot with shinee..i'm really glad coz i adore shinee as it shinee the lucky one to be able to take pictures with so eun or is she's the one who lucky that can take picture with shinee??..keke