Sunday, March 14, 2010

tagged by xeera unnie and jija..

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1. i love to sleep late to online..

2. currently busy downloading u-kiss vampire 6th episode and sw33t potato
couple 3rd episode.

3. almost 10 years spending time enjoying in kpop world..XD

4. i love anything about 'hari raya' and i can't wait for the day to come every

5. i miss my tvxq boys so much..i guess every cassie also the same right?..^^

6. i can't wait for the boys and shinee to make a comeback..

7. just downloaded shinee vids at new zealand..shooting for their photobook
before made a comeback for ring ding dong..may shining shinee shines always!..^^

8. i'm jealous of yoogeun that he able to kiss shinee appa often especially

9. i love my families and never can live without them..=)

10. i want to buy another external..keke

11. i hate when people are not sensitive with others..that suckz..

12. i'm busy saving kpop pictures and guess there are more than 20k pics..hoho

13. watching we got married really make me wanna get married faster..haha

14. why is sunday is so far from friday and so close with monday?..aish..

15. it's a pity when there are no single cents left in your hands, right??..XD

16. declaring myself as a cassiopeia, elf, vip, wonderful, shawol, key's me, triple s, primadonna, hottest, blackjack, cloud, lucky 7, b2auty, a+, and in love with, 2am, z:ea, d-na, f.cuz, jang geun seuk, kim bum etc etc..that's too much to be listed..keke..

tagged: whoever that drop by to my blog..don't just ignore it ok?..