Saturday, April 24, 2010

saengil chukahye park jaebeom!!

happy birthday my forever playful and adorable leadja, park jaebeom!..i will always support and love ya..good luck for your future undertakings and just remember that when you are down, think about us who cherish you and may it will bring your spirit back..^^

♥ always and forever one and only, jay park!!..^^

Comedy version of BEAST’s Mystery MV released!

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BEAST is stepping into bigger career fields now.

The boys have transformed into directors for their self-made music video for their hit song Mystery.

Instead of boring fans with a typical music video, they decided to carry a comic theme for this one. This is quite a treat for fans since Mystery doesn’t have a music video in the first place.

On the 3rd episode of B2ST Almighty, BEAST decided to make their fans’ wishes come true as they had wished for a music video for Mystery. BEAST is singing about the type of curry that their old girlfriend had liked in this hilarious video.

There’s even a Bollywood concept in the middle of it which will probably crack up most of you guys. Dongwoon gets dressed up in traditional Indian clothing and does the head spinning Mystery dance. Yoseob plays the girl in this music video and I must say it is quite the cherry on top.

Junhyung wrote the script, Hyunseung directed proceedings, Doojoon was the cameraman and Kikwang took care of the lights.

And it just gets better as SNSD and KARA appear as guest stars!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

G dragon's unofficial release of '"She's gone" mv, horror concept - GD as a psycho killer

i seriously love the concept..dark GD..well, it's G-Dragon anyway..haha..but as for me..i never and can't consider GD being hot coz he always a cutie in my, enjoy people!..

BIGBANG 「Lollipop 2」 Promo Photo in Vogue Girl Korea

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[Official] KERO ONE Live in Seattle. Sunday, May 30th, ft. MYK, Dok2, Dumbfoundead, and special guests Art of Movement

Defense Productions Presents:

Kero One Live in Seattle!
Featuring MYK, Dok2, Dumbfoundead, with special guests Art of Movement with Jay Park

Tickets on sale Thursday, April 22nd at 10AM on





Showbox at the Market-Click here for ticket info

Official Facebook Event Page-Click here and join


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ZE:A Sky Jamband CF..

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the boys are so hilarious!!..haha..i can't restrain myself from laughing and smiling throughout the cf..enjoy guys!!..and i seriously want that phone!!

Yunho for Nylon..

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i miss this a lot!!!..

New Girlgroup Groomed By Shinhwa Eric

A new girlgroup groomed by ShinHwa Eric will debut this year end.

A representative said on the 6th, “We are currently preparing for the debut of a girlgroup which Eric worked hard in grooming.”

“Eric has given in a lot, including working for this new girlgroup’s album, for the debut of his hoobae girlgroup. We are targeting for them to debut this year end. We are still deciding on whether to make this a 4-member or 5-member group.”

Eric is known to be the talented rapper and dancer in ShinHwa, and much anticipation is into how this girlgroup will be like with his grooming. To add on, being the hoobae (juniors) of one of Korea’s biggest pop legend group ShinHwa would sure help this girl group with a good headstart.

Meanwhile, Eric is currently serving his military service, he had joined the military service last October.
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Jaebeom working on his album with Teddy Riley

Park Jaebeom which in the United States right now is involved in an album working with Teddy Riley who has worked with Michael Jackson and is an Hip Hop and R&B producer. Jay is working on Teddy Riley's new album and popular rapper Snoop Dogg is also participating in it along with others.
Jay has been catching the attention of many with his recent covers he uploaded on youtube like the video he uploaded last March, a cover of BOB's "Nothing on You" with over 400 million views already.
Teddy Riley is not only associated with Snoop Dogg but also with famous hip hop artist T-Pain. Also, Jay has been cast in the movie Hype Nation and will be coming to Korea this June.
credits: dkpopnews.

2PM & SNSD Get Wet In a New CF!

pictures for the rumoured collaboration cf together 'carribean'.
they all seem to be having a blast!
credits to: dkpopnows & the person who found the pics.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


hi has been a long time since my last update huh..i'm kinda lazy wanna update anything right now..i don't know what to write and i don't know what to talk about..anyway, here is something i wanna rant today..of course it's about kpop..again..but this post is really ain't fun to read at all..if u want..then go ahead, ok..

well, you guys are aware that i'm so in love with kpop boy groups, right? you guys know that i have consider them as my big brothers and dongsaengs?..they are like a big families to me..first thing of all, i'm not that observant but this incident kinda obvious until all of us can notice it..

SME -H.O.T, Shinhwa, TVXQ!, Super Junior, SHINee
JYP -Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM
YG -Bigbang, 2NE1
DSP -ss501, KARA

do u know what is the different between them?..besides their popularity?..yes! the company treats them..!!
that is what i wanna emphasize today!..i really damn mad when TVXQ! experienced that lawsuit issue and when hankyung from SuJu face prob about his contract..

well it is true that i don't know what exactly had happened between them and the company but the fans themselves can judged..hey SME! are not blind alright???..all the artists that been under YOU! will face problems in the is so damn true that the ones who are under your label will get popular and everything but they will not last long!..just look what happen with H.O.T, Shinhwa and TVXQ!, SuJu is slowly getting is truly upset seeing them being mistreated..i'm so sad seeing the boys who gave their everything just to debut as artists gonna wasted just like that..but seriously, they are like debuting under the wrong label..and one thing i wanna say are at great lost if you disband groups like TVXQ! and Super Junior or maybe SHINee in the future..yes! is true that you create them but they are the ones who get your company being well known too..everybody thinks it is a stupid action if whatever you do that makes you lost groups like them..

one question from me SME..what is the purpose you build your company huh?..besides being so kind saying it is for generate new talented artiste and stuff?..wants to gain profit right?, who are the ones that make you have all those million dollars in your pocket huh if it is not them??..

why i call it The-5-Year-Curse?..coz no boy bands will last more than 5 years under SME and succeed in releasing their 5th album..just see what happen to H.O.T, Shinhwa and TVXQ!..everything is so clear..

There is a "curse" in Korean bands(especially those formed by SM Entertainment),very few bands can last more than 5 years-------We call it "5 Years Curse".
-H.O.T,a popular five-member South Korean boy band formed in 1996,disbanded in 2001 with SME.
-In 2003 SME's 5-year contract ended,Shinhwa signed a new contract with a new record label.(Sad to say,their popularity was no longer as hot as before when they were under SME)
-S.E.S. ,a popular K-Pop girl group that signed with SME in 1997 and broke up at the end of 2002.
-TVXQ (formed in 2003) is still having lawsuit with SME.Lately,Avex has announced that TVXQ members can have solo activities only.In other words,they can't appear as TVXQ in Japan anymore.How about in Korea?Hero,Micky and Xiah refused to be back to SME.

seriously i'm so mad right now till i dunnoe what to write more..they already adults and have great brain to think!..anyway, i'm so sorry if there's anything that i write make you guys angry..i just tell what i think hard feelings..thanks..

till then..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

b2st for 10asia magazine~

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the boys are really good looking and it's time to drool over the hotness!! kwang, do joon, hyun seung, jun hyung, dong woon, yo seob saranghae ♥