Saturday, May 29, 2010

what an unlucky month for me..

i have to write this no matter what..i just feel unlucky for what has happened to me in these past few weeks..all these unfortunate events started when i lost my IC and other important stuff because i lost my wallet when i went for's still ok since all those things can be retrieved again..secondly was when my external hardisk faced some problems that made me change it's casing and made me thought all files in it already's still ok..and recently, my gold bracelet that was given by mom LOST as well!'s lost!..and i really feel guilty for that seriously..i went to cinema to watch movie with my other 3 sisters and when i found the bracelet no longer on my hands, i rushed to the cinema workers and asked them to look it for me..and as usual..i left with disappointment..and the time that i afraid the most is to tell my mom about it..i know she will understand but of course will scold me like hell..her anger is not by nagging but by giving you her super scary silent treatment..and she did give it to me..maybe this thing will last for quite some time since this time i lost one of the most precious item..

honestly, i hate when she does it..i mean giving me treatment like that..anyway, my eyes seems hurt a lil and usually she's the one who like most worry bout me but today. just like i've expected..she just ignored me and i feel a bit hurt..*sigh*

well, i dunnoe till when this situation continues but if she's able to read this..

Mak, orang mintak maaf sgt2 coz hilangkan rantai tangan tu..memang orang jaga benda tu elok2 tapi still die hilang jugak..bukan bende tu hilang means orang x appreciate bende tu..kalau bende tu x berharga for me, org x kan pergi susah2 cari balik kat cineplex tu..but ok..i admit it..still i'm at fault..mak jgn fikir orang x susah ati and seyes rase bersalah sgt2..dah lah dlm few weeks nih byk sgt dugaan and i feel like nobody is there for me to share my sorrow..bile pikir2 balik nape bende ni happen to me?..maybe coz org jht ke?..ada byk salah ke org buat? dah x larat nak nangis dah..air mate mcm x dpt tolong ape2 pun..lega kan je kot..anyway, i humbly ask for your forgiveness and thanks for not yelling at me...till then..

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Yoyo said...

im sorry bout your story...sometimes thing happen isn't in the way we want it to be..

when i was down, my friend always said this to me;

"allah xkan uji kita dgn dugaan yg kita x blh tempoh"

i think you heard this before, but as a friend i want to repeat this to you~

i hope you and your mom will back as normal a.s.a.p...
your mom will understand, im sure...

peace love,