Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{FANACCOUNT} SBS Inkigayo Rehearsal Moments 05.16.2010

Credit: 海世代 HEYFISHERE
Translated by minoko2440 @
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1. During one of the recording, Donghae’s magician’s handkerchief wasn’t placed properly and almost fell out of his pocket halfway.

2. During one of the recording, Donghae’s shoelace was untied, he keep staring at his foot the whole time, luckily he discovered it early and did not trip.

3. During rest-time, Donghae was ‘fighting’ with Eunhyuk, playing all the way. In the end, Eunhyuk put his arm around Donghae’s neck (hugged Donghae by the neck) <3

4. Our Heenim, today isn’t that high-spirited. Seemed to think what he is wearing isn’t good. At the start, he doesn’t want to turn his head over when they were greeting the fans on stage. He even asked the ELFs whether his shirt is ok = =

5. Heenim’s eyes looked so luring. It is electrifying…

6. Halfway during recording, some fans are shouting faintly “Milky Skin Kim Heechul”, in the end, Heechul heard it and says softly “Saranghaeyo~”. The fans then continued “Kim Hee Chul~”

7. During the first recording, during his slide, Kyuhyun did not do it correctly and “over-slide”. He made a slight “oh oh” sound. During the third recording, he wasn’t that stable too. Please be careful.


1. Hyukjae was totally handsome in the last dance part, everyone was shouting “Lee Hyukjae Lee Hyukjae”. Then Leeteuk and Shindong heard it and acted angry, shouting “HaJiMa” (don’t do it), then everyone started shouting “Shin Donghee Shin Donghee”. Then its our Donghae’s turn to be upset. He walked over and shouted “HaJiMa”. Then everyone started shouting “Lee Donghae Lee Donghae”. Our little boy got his aim, and he smiled very happily. He even stick his tongue out and showed an “ok” sign

2. At one part of the dance, Donghae turned around to face the fans and showed the ‘victory-sign’. When he turned back again, he turned into the cool man and started dancing handsome-ly again.

3. When the recording ended, Donghae and Eunhyuk hugged, and they continued hugging each other while walking down the stage (walked like a crab).

4. When Ryeowook came out from the 3D-stage prop (those that watched will notice the “cube-like” prop on stage?), he bumped his head on the prop and “ah~”. One of the members came over and asked him if he is alright.

5. Before the music started playing, Sungmin keep shaking his butt and Eunhyuk went over and whacked Sungmin’s butt. Super cute. After that, Sungmin still continue shaking his butt. Then some fans shouting “Sungmin oppa, don’t do it~” then he stopped.

6. When the third recording ended, everyone thought it is ok and they can leave already, in the end someone requested for another time. Leeteuk says “Then let’s do it again”, and told ELF “Isn’t it good?” <– saying that ELF can watch it again.

7. Leeteuk even asked the fans if there is any fans from China. In the end, not only Chinese fans, Korean fans also raised their hands screaming “ME ME ME”

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