Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's a total sweetness~

today i cried..yeah i made my heart really hurts..i don't know what's the actual reason but it's just that my mom refused to talk to me..that's her greatest weapon when she got angry..her killer silent treatment..the story went like this..

my parents+my elder sis went to he hospital for my dad's check up but it happened that they'll be home, they tried to reach my lil sis and me through phone calls but fails then my elder sis (along) sent a message to my phone..the phone was in the bag so i didn't notice..when they got home, they mad at us coz we haven't done any single task they told us to do..*sigh*..

so irresponsible me..i just ignore them and let them do the work..god!..i don't know what was i thinking that time.. feel regretful now but it's already late, right?..later, others are ok with me but not my mom..she's not talking to me..*sudah, mmg sah lah dia marah*..

i tried to act cool and even been so quiet till i gone for work and when i reached my workplace..i can't hide and bear with it anymore and let everything's out..gosh..seriously when i'm crying i feel like my heart gonna burst's so heavy but the burdens flow along with the tears..

i hate when i fight with my mom..i don't know whether she will be ok in 2 or 3 days time..or maybe tomorrow..i can't predict coz the last time she gave her silent treatment..she gave it up within 2's scary even thinking about it..haha..anyway, i'm trying my best not to follow my emotions too much coz i dun wanna feel like a weakling..crying over a small stuff again n again..but what to do since am so sensitive and maybe a bad crybaby..haha..friends always told me this..i look tough outside but inside is too soft..haha..*shrug*..

but there's another thing that touched my heart after that..a friend of mine..HAWA, she gave me an ICE-CREAM!..chocolate sundae to be precised..

i feel like shouting a great 'thank you' to her!..for you it seems a small stuff huh?..but not for shows me how she concerns and cares for somebody..during that time while am not in so good situation, she called me and asked me to eat it and don't feel bad anymore..i just feel super and damn good that there's a person who cares for me actually..i will do the same thing for you too my dear..i can't promise i will always be there but i can be super good listener if you have problems to be shared..thank u so much..terima kasih byk2..coz of you too my mood is ok for the rest of the day...feeling pon ok sgt2 dah lepas makan aiskrim tu..rasa terharu sgt jugak..^^ i won't forget what you have done for me... ♥♥ you!..=D


fhmk-- said...

oh that's scary sis. can't imagine if mum don't want to talk to me ._. last time she's mad at sister, and was like obviously cool at her. indeed, ibu, emak, umi, mama, is a scary creature lol.

hope she'll be okay to you as soon as possible :)

aizamia boojaejoong said...

she'll ok already..she won't give up unless i'm giving up ya lah..kita kan anak..hafto approach her first ma instead being, i try to approach her slowly..she seems ok..then for me, dia dah ok lah tu..haha..thanks for the concern my dear...^^

nerdy nadiya said...

oohh unnie, my mum sometimes give me the silent treatment as well. hate it when she does that. macam dia tak care plak >_>

good luck with ur mum unnie. u can do it. fighting ! :D

aizamia boojaejoong said...

nady..haha..tahu x pe..silent treatment sgt x best..i prefer dia marah2 rather than senyap jek..betol2..rasa mcm dia x care jek...shedey2..but thanks anyway...=D

Cherrina said...

Hahaha...first time visiting here. Your mum silent treatment really match my personality...kekeke.. I usually do that when I angry with my dongsaeng siblings... Sometimes things better be left unspoken....