Monday, November 22, 2010


there are many types of memories, right?..but what i'm going to talk about is a few of my memories that can't be forgotten..they are not important just happen that they can't get out of my brain..XD

bear with me..they kinda random..

1. my mak long's milo!!..her milo seriously is a taste that i can't forget..

2. the way of my pak long eats his rice with kuah masak asam..i don't know..maybe he just into it and make it looks very yummy!~..=D

3. everytime when my dad tells us bout his experiences dealing with supernatural stuff..seriously interesting and you should see the way he talks..and damn!..most of them are totally scary..however it has been the strongest reason why i feel safe when me dad is around..i trust in him 101%..=D

4. i often injured my knee coz i really love to run here and there..the funny thing previous wound haven't healed yet and i already fell for the second mom got angry at me and said 'deserve you right', what did i do when i fall down again..i hid myself behind the door so my parents can't find me..and end up crying alone..haha..

5. i once made my sis's eyes almost got poked by the sharp end of a thick stick..we were playing the bicycle..round and round..ok..i hold the stick horizontally and when she wanna get through, i will lifted the stick up so it's like providing her the way..however, for fun i don't wanna lifted it up and when she came while speeding her bicycle end up broken into two pieces and one of it pierced into my sis's eyebrow and gosh..she was bleeding like hell..i didn't now what to do..i brought her to the bathroom and clean up her blood..when my parents got home from work..i was so scared my mom will scold me, i told her the whole story while crying..luckily she said my sis's eyes were ok..i feel relieved but till now yeah..still feel guilty for that...

6. i often saw where sisters argue over a small thing..well, let's reminisce when we were in our childhood..i always scold my sis with no proper reason..feel like hate her and everything..what she's just so wrong and she always end up crying and screaming coz of me..and before, both of my sis were afraid me since they said i'm like the lion which will kill anybody whenever i felt threatened and against me..haha..that was the past, am behaving like super-pure-innocent-sister-and-stupid-sometimes...XDD

7. i always scared of my cousin's house..her house is like a castle in the woods..and at's creepy ya know..hahaha...

8. when we were still young..we didn't play computer games or play station..we played games that the feel was more enjoyable than modern ones..we laugh..cried..joke around and friends are like everything..every evening we will went out and seek friends to play..i will post about traditional games that most of the modern kids are not able to experience....

9. when cousins's time to hit the ground!!..come n play!!..=D

10. i used to push my lil sis if they came near to my's like i'm the only one that own her..fine..i got jealous very easy ok...hahaha..but now not anymore..besar dah lah i..x larat dah..XDDD

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