Tuesday, November 30, 2010

quotes..part 1

i'm not going to talk about wise saying by famous people and take the famous quotes from google or books but i'm going to write bout some quotes that i will never forget either from my parents, friends, teachers, strangers or other people around me..

1. love that has been shown off is a fake the end, only money that matters -mom

this is quite funny..but it's kinda true right? my mom a conservative lady but yeah..i agree with her..when she sees youngsters nowadays holding hands on street or showing their affection towards each mom will's a lie!..haha..when u got married and have children..that is when the reality's not all about love..there are just something more than that..

2. as a can befriend with whoever that you like but one thing..keep your pride -dad..

when i see youngsters these days..they love to hold hands and hugging each others..*still ok*..kiss in public *that irritates me* know thing that scares me being in a relationship is this kind of thing..yes, i'm aware that if we love that person much, we would LOVE to give EVERYTHING to him..but we have guidelines that has to be for me, i wanna obey it alright..bear with me my-future-bf..hold hands still ok but just don't cross the line ok..pride is important to girls..what my dad said is so true..example, guys can run or hide somewhere or claim it's not his fault of getting the girl u get the picture?..they still can escape but it's hard for us, keep your pride safe before you marry..

3. guys is not suitable to get through a marriage in early age -dad & mom

both of my parents always said this to us..guys are not suitable to get married in such a young must be more than 26 and above..know why..coz marriage is not an easy job..both parties must have commitment and ready to be committed to the's about for will lead the families or in other words..they are the head of the house..husbands saying is a, imagine if the men are young husbands..not mature enough and still wanna enjoy their life..poor the wife and children..and how to lead a good life till reach the golden age?'s not going to be, think about it..don't get married till you stabilize everything..physically and mentally...^^

4. help others and someday there are people who will help you when you are in need -mom & dad

this parents always others while you still can..InsyaAllah, one day if you need help there are people that will give their helping hands..^^

5. everything already been our job is only to find the path and follow it -dad

i know everything already been written in lohmahfuz..yes! everything is there..right from the minute that we born till the day or time or caused of our death already being, just accept it..don't ever put fate at fault coz everything happens for a reason, remember?..bad or good..we decide it..that's why God gives us brain to think..use it and your life would be better..^^

6. be grateful for everything -mom u know what is it?..i don't have a solid definition about it but from what i know..just be grateful of what you have right now..don't compare yourself to the luckier person than you but to the person that not as lucky as you are..then, automatically you will feel gratefulness in your heart..Allah creates everything for a reason and your role and follow the guidelines that He already gave..InsyaAllah..your life will be full of happiness instead of sadness...^^

End for now and i will continue later..not the next post but maybe after few others..=D hope u guys enjoy reading not a good writer but try my best to express it...^^


intansyazana said...

haha but what if.............jaejoong kissed u in the lips in public? :D

aizamia boojaejoong said...

haha..i'll make sure that will be done after got married..LMAO

aliya said...

wow...amazing words kak ngah!! klu depan2 malu2 ni gune jari pon boleh..btw, i tersentuh dgn nasihat2 itu....thanks 2 u,ur sister n family bcoz always support me...advice me when i needed...sobbss...sobbss...u guys dah i anggap mcm family....(nangeh ni)......heheheh....

aizamia boojaejoong said...

hehehe..orang tulis apa yg orang tau je too..already consider you as a part of us worries..always support u no matter there if u r in need..=D
well, that is what families do right?..^^