Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i din get tag by anyone..i just wanna do it myself since i feel like doing it..XDD

here we go..

1. adakah anda rasa anda hot?
--> hot?..haha..never..i'm not even a slim or pretty come i become
a hot one?..LMAO

2. update wallpaper yang anda guna sekarang..

3. cerita pasal gambar ni
--> it's changmin!! favourite and handsome youngest maknae ever!..i miss him much and i like this, yeah..decided to use it as my desktop wallie..^^

4. kali terakhir makan pizza..
--> i can't remember it well but i guess a week ago..with my sis and her friends..^^

5. lagu terakhir anda dengar?
--> for now it's my destiny by dbsk/'s so nostalgic and i really love this song..(n_n)

6. apa yang anda buat selain sedang membuat tag ini?
--> guess watching phobia 2 at the same time...^^

7. selain nama sendiri anda dipanggil apa?
--> angah, aiai, ai, sarang

8. tag lagi 5 orang
a. atul
b. along
c. jija
d. hara
e. afie

9. siapa orang no. 1 dengan anda?
--> one of my best friends from high-school...=D

10. katakan sesuatu pada orang no. 5
--> wish u can go to singapore and meet your fav idol, 2PM..amin...^^

11. no.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
--> err..she got crushed with somebody i guess but i have no idea it's who..LOL..she doesn't wanna tell me..that's why..XD

12. bagaimana pula dengan no.2?
--> bagaimana apa?..relationship?..she's still single so far that i know but she got scandal everywhere..haha..she's my sis..come on lah..XD

13. kata2 cinta kepada orang no.4
--> how am i going to say it? should be like this..hara, saranghaeyo!..u gotta be one of my best sis ever!..=D

14. berikan fakta 4 tentang orang yang kamu tag

a. atul
- her relationship status is still vague..
- her new crush from kpop is shinee minho
- she was a prefect back in high school
- she's one of my best bud

b. along
- she's taking her master degree now
- a korean mania like me too..
- she's kinda good in house chores..
- she kinda love to give orders to her younger sis..XDD

c. jija
- she's a cassiopeia
- she's my adik
- she loves to blog and i like to read it..
- she's one of the sweetest people u've ever met

d. hara
- she sings well..
- she has the same age as mine
- currently obsessing with anime
- she's a lovely person

e. afie
- she's my friend since childhood
- she loves kpop
- totally a happy-go-lucky girl
- she's fun to be with


*as usual..who asked you to do the tag please..XD*


Fay said...

hehehe. i have done the same tag before. can't remember when.

ohh changminnie. i miss him. My destiny are one of my favorite songs. i love the melody.

aizamia boojaejoong said...

yeah2..esp da last part..melts away...haha..da 'everytime we made love..i'm missing your tender touch............*dies*