Sunday, January 24, 2010


the feel is great today coz we successfully ended our 2nd module..seriously, doing activities in groups are so not me..even all the activities are fun for some people but as for is like a burden..gosh..i hate being under stress coz of that kind of event..ok..i know some of you out there will probably scold me for this but i really dun like these kind of activities..i'm suckz at neither brainstorming thingy nor doing any spontaneous performance in front of short..i simply dislike something that involve me and the is totally uncomfortable when people started looking and paying attention on what you are is not a good feeling..for me of course..since most of people love to be given attention..hoho

on the other hand..i'm gonna talk bout none other my all-time fav, KPOP!..XD
recently, i'm so into some songs that i'm totally unexpected to be my fav as soon as i heard them like F.CUZ (pronounce as focus)-JIGGY, 4MINUTE- MUZIK, 2AM -CAN'T LET YOU GO EVEN IF I DIE and SUJU&SNSD- SEOUL...i know these songs have been released for quite some time now but only now i have the interest to download them since i think i wanna load my pc wif various kpop genres..ask me whether i got other interest other than kpop? is a yes but the major one of course belongs to it..anyway, for people out there..kpop is really a great entertainment that you guys should try to enjoy..from its drama up to its singers..i have been living in this world for almost 10 years now..and i'm still enjoying it..sometimes it is funny on how i update myself about kpop industries more than my own local entertainment..haha..but dun blame me..i just love living in the music world that know no boundaries..hoho

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