Sunday, January 24, 2010

it's all about KPOP..

sure some of you will get annoyed wif the title above, right?..i mean for those who are not in the same interest with me..hehe
well, since it is about kpop..i wanna share how i got infected with kpop is seriously a very dangerous virus which u can't be cured for a long time..haha..

it was started since where all Malaysian probably high schoolers or even our mom were glued onto the sofa as soon as the ultimate fav drama- winter sonata was on air..i can't really remember in which year the drama was released but i still can remember that i just a noob for a high school student..anyway, my along really into the main character JUN SANG..i was studying in boarding school that time so i stayed in the hostel..only for 2 years to be exact..i had no time to enjoy myself other than my ultimate fav taiwanese F4- jerry, vanness, ken and vic zhou..i crazy over them since meteor garden era..haha..then when i got home on holidays or weekends..all my fams were bz with this korean, i got really curious and tried to guess what was she asked me to watch it..since that korean virus affected me badly..haha..i'm craving for other korean drama for quite some time before Along introduced my forever beloved TVXQ!..i guess they just debuted that time..aish..really miss their innocent look back then..huhu

after that i got so addicted to them till i'm willing to buy their expensive albums and stuff..since i just a newbie in kpop that whatever i do when i went online..i just looking for pics, news and others..i din set up my eyes for other singers..but everything change when i watched suju 1st stage when they debuted in 2005..knock out really gave an impact..hehe..on that time kyuhyun was still not in since he was added somewhere in 2006..after suju, i tried to look for others as well..SM family was the next hit..they were amazing but honestly i'm not so attracted to csjh..hehe..of course i'm more attracted to guys..but i was totally wow-ed when wg debuted followed by year 2007..they were amazing but i fav wg more..tell me really swiped the nation that time..well, admit that into the new world was also good..since that..i definitely drowned in hallyu wave..i'm seeking for more artists, their songs, shows, games or whatever that related to them..i've watched thousands of videos..only related to kpop..

erm..till now, i still continue with my daily new songs, listen to new artists, watch their shows, download them, loads into my hard disk and repeatedly listen to them..hahaha..seriously being in kpop world is something that i treasured the most since i met many great people in this forums families, my blog's friends and others..=)

honest to say..when people ask me why am i being so addicted in korean songs and everything..i just leave them with no words coz i really dunnoe what to is great that i can share my thoughts but it is greater when u feel it on your own..coz of kpop, i realize that musics is borderless..even the language is something that we don't understand but since they are so melodious, we totally ignore bout it and think that their songs are really beautiful and nice to listen..=)