Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it annoyed me a lil bit..

i'm not blaming her to be like this but this is the fact..well, she is not a bad girl..she is good but the attitude is the problem for me..i cannot bear with it any longer..i cannot share this with neither my mom nor my other friends..coz i know how it feels being guilty for backstabbing..anyway, i know that most of people around her feel dissatisfied with her..we just keep on hiding it inside..never have the guts to tell happens to be that so call care-for-her-feeling thinking..aish..i know we have to be honest..well, it just that uncomfortable feeling is taking over whenever we tried to tell her..but now i only have the courage to express it through my writing..i'm not a good writer or someone good to express my, just bear with me ok..

nobody can denies that she is really an outspoken person..but sometimes being too outspoken will annoy people around..keep on talking and being talkative wherever or whenever..i really can't stand suppose to be just-talk-when-it-need-to..but unfortunately she's not like that..huhu..and plus..she likes to give order around..especially to me..i know she consider me as her best friend and i consider her that way too but does that mean being so called best friend can do anything the way she likes?..

like this morning..she was heading to somewhere and before she went, she asked me who actually in deep sleep whether i want to follow her or i said no..then she went out so i continued sleeping..about half an hour later, she called and asked me to get to her and bring along her pendrive..when i said that i was lazy she forced's really getting on my nerve..well, i'm suppose that most of you hate it when your sleeping is disturbed, right? am i..but how can she never think of about my feeling..i'm not complaining but it irritates me much..really..

on the other hand..i can see that she likes following me..i mean like when i brought my camera here, she brought it as well..of course i brought it here 1st..later, she asked her mom to bring for her too..aish..and my headset..she wants to buy it also..i can see that whatever people have, she wants it all..

ok..there goes my lists of dissatisfaction..
i know it is not a good thing to say about other people..but here i just let out what i need to say since i dunnoe what other way to express it..

to the person concern..i'm so sorry if u reading this but honestly, we are friends and forever will be..i'm sorry for not letting u know about this since i'm more comfortable to type them down..and hope that u will not hating me for this..i love u like my other just that i'm a person who feel dissatisfies for certain things that doesn't fit my style..that's all..


KhaiYooRim said...

hmm.. best nyer dpt tulis tnpa ur-so-called fren bce blog u.. aku ni, nk tulih, xsmpai ati.. kang die tau.. kwn aku 2 lg la plak, suxx.. ada die rse die lbh dominant? i nvr heard such thing s dominant in a frenship.. n keep on saying things like she's really good.. its annoying dow.. dh r jns perli2 gak..

aizamia boojaejoong said...

a'ah..mmg lah..dia x bukak sgt blog dia tau r yg aku ada blog..haha..aku kenal ke kwn ko tuh?..aish..sabo je lah..=)

aizamia boojaejoong said...

a'ah..mmg lah..dia x bukak sgt blog dia tau r yg aku ada blog..haha..aku kenal ke kwn ko tuh?..aish..sabo je lah..=)