Thursday, January 28, 2010

chicken soup for the soul..

lately..i've been reading Chicken Soup for the soul..i'm regretting of not being a fan of this book before..there are a lot of interesting stories been shared by people around the globe..and there are 2-3 stories that have similar situations like i am..and after reading this book..i've been more positive and look the life from a brighter side..i think you guys should read it too..when i return home..i will grab few of this books from of the interesting stories that i read from the book was 'GUY REPELLENT'..she is the girl who was not have the self-confidence to get near to any guys..she wanted to be closed but there were no guys that interested in her..she felt something was wrong with herself..then later after she read this book, she gained more confidence and just be herself..believe it or not..she found out that there are guys who interested in her..she made a couple of relationship after that..even after she broke up wif her boys..she never regret it coz she was happy for experiencing it..i think i'm in the same boat with her..until now, i can count how many guy friends that i have..hurm..maybe i'm just not that good in socializing and mixing around with the opposite gender..seriously, i have this uncomfortable feeling whenever there are guys around..i dunnoe..whenever i try to be friendly, the situation doesn't turn to be something that i expected..sometimes, i really envy with those who can socialize well..i have no idea till when this situation will last..i guess i should have more guts to express myself well..but as for now..i'm really happy with myself..

p/s: currently, the internet is really suckz and even my broadband can't connect..aish..anyway, i changed my window XP to window 7..the features are nice and i'm still exploring it..XP is easier but 7 is nicer..=)