Saturday, January 23, 2010


recently..i have nothing to blog about and i have no idea what am i suppose to write..anyway, it feel different when i'm not updating my blog since blogging is like my daily i just randomly talk ok..

erm..yesterday, my parents came with my other 2 sisters..they brought my stuff and the highlight was when my mom gave me a nice gold bracelet..thanks is so nice and i really like it..i hope i won't lose it since i'm kinda a clumsy type..and now i'm actively spreading my a.n.jell virus to other kpop fans in my's really unexpected that kpop fans are all over my place..haha..
btw, there are quite a few from here that will be attending super's great to see that hallyu is slowly becoming a trend..hoho..

today, when i'm updated about kpop's totally make me shock that JYP made an official statement saying that sun mi will be leaving wonder girls to pursue her study..she will be hiatus for a while but still come for practices at JYP office..and guess what..there is a person to replace her..she quite cute but of course i like sun mi more..she is hae of JYP trainees..i really hope that sun mi will return as one of the wonder girls!..wg is not complete if one of the members is missing..i guess hae lim should practice hard to attract wonderful hearts..i'll be missing sun mi a lot and good luck to her in achieving what she wants..=)

the next thing should be something that already lingers in my head for quite some time and now is the moment that i should let it out..i've been watching several movies and it's really typical seeing the main characters went through hardships 1st then only reach the ultimate happiness through the end of the story..but this show is happening the other way round..they are being happy at 1st and the sad moment took place after is damn sad when u r losing someone that u love right?..i'm totally cannot hold back my tears from flowing when i'm watching that kind of i a sensitive person?..yeah, guess so..well, as i'm watching it..i'm thinking that when we love someone, we have to risk everything..our feelings, our mind, our hearts, our's really hard when we like or love someone, right?..sometimes, i'm scared to love somebody is because of these me selfish..yes, i'm being's just that i'm scared the reality of being in condition of losing him leaving me in such unbearable pain..well, life is not about being happy all the time, right?..there are lots that we must learn so that we know the real meaning of, i just keep this in mind coz i know whatever i do..i have to face it by hook or by crook..=)

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