Thursday, August 25, 2011

Huntering the City Hunter..

City Hunter..YES!..this is the recent drama that i'm addicted to!..not only fall for the lead actor but for the whole series..the storyline, the plot, everything simply the best..the actors are really fit with own characters and did a good job!..i never read the mange before, so didn't know how the real story should be..but after watch this show makes me wanna read the manga..haha..wait lah see first if i got time or not..haha..anyway, i'm gonna spazz about our handsome and most gorgeous that happen to be the city hunter..XD

pssstt..i'm sorry to say this but i never like him as Go Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flower but i'm honestly say i love to see him smiling coz of the beautiful teeth he has and deep pretty dimple he owns..and his height is easily make an extra credit to his perfection...^^

did i ever tell you that i'm easily fall for a guy that look smart in folding-sleeve-and-tuck-in-shirt?..see?..Min Ho is so damn handsome looking like this..:D

a guy in black is simply hot!..haha

and for me a guy with technology stuffs is so sexy......ngeeee~~

well, i'm just interested with the skin..kahkahkah

*can't stop staring when he's smiling* and seriously thanks to the production of CITY HUNTER..I fall for this guy right away..i just love the way he acts, how he's so playful in the making film and simply adores his eyes that can conveys and easily shows lots of feelings..sad, happy, worried, hurt etc etc..Lee Min Ho is definitely a great actor...^^ I Love You, babeyh!...^^

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