Friday, June 17, 2011

quotes..part 2

i've already written few quotes that had been said by people around me like my parents, friends n others..i'm not taking any popular quotes from google or famous persons..and sometimes quotes that i said are ones that i can't forget..if you wanna read my first part CLICK HERE! so, here i go..

1. have a good impression on others at the first sight and others will be the same - i read it somewhere

when i read this quote for the first time..i find it correct to say first, i easily will have a bad impression on others but after i came across this quote, it attached in my head till, whenever i wanna have slightly not so good impression especially with people that are strangers to by remembering this saying turns me be a better good person definitely will always has a good impression on others if you want others to do the same, right?..=D

2. if you want a good someone to be your lifemate, then you should be good first - Along (my sis)

one day we were in talk bout well u know when girls get together, mostly about ehem..guys of course..then she said to me that i was's definitely true!..we can't expect somebody nice coming if you yourself not being nice n kind..and InsyaAllah..good person will end up with somebody's good and otherwise..^^

3. while you are still young, earn money as many as u can - Ayah (Dad)

am working as a part-timer now..i always complaint that i'm so tired and bored at the working place..but dad said while u r still young, capable of doing should strive for your best..being tired n bored are a part of situations that you will face and never can avoid..bear with it and you will get the price later..and he's the end..i will be the satisfied one with money that i've earned with my own effort...^^

4. don't spend with something that consumes your precious time too much and never give you any benefits - Ayah & Mak (Parents)

i know they are talking bout my passion and hobby..which is spending time and money for for this advise..i know they are right but sorry i can't do anything about this since i love kpop damn damn damn a lot..wait till i grown up a bit more, then maybe..i said MAYBE i will leave all this stuff behind..not now..XDD

5. you wanna go to school or not, it's up to you then - Ayah & Mak (Parents)

haha..this part..the phrase looks kinda they don't mind whether we are going to school or not right?..actually it has the continuation..'we are not the one who wants to be smart, it's you who has to survive in the future'..and that's the catch where we have to go to school..LOL..

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