Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yoochun's Resemblance..

alright..this time i wanna spazz about a friend of mine whom i met few months back..for the first time i saw's just that i can't take my eyes off her since she resembles to someone that i like the most..with the high-bone cheek, hair-style and of course when she smiles already enough to make her look similar to Yoochunnie..the cute face that they have..that's the important part..haha..hey, not only me alright..even my sisters agree with i guess many of her friends said the same thing as well..anyway, even in the pictures you don't find any similarities, but try to know her in real life..face to face with her and you know why i'm saying it like this..don't blame me if you are going to be listed in her fan-list..hahaha..before this, i even said to her.."don't blame me if i can't stop looking at you, blame Yoochun for that"..she just end up giving her cute laugh..XDD

feels like bringing her into my pocket..can't get a closer look at Chun, looking at his twin also can, right?...LOL..

p/s: to Gjie, sorry for making this post..i just can't stop myself from spazzing about you..hahaha..XD..*don't get mad ok..nnt x cool dah..haha*


nerdy nadiya said...

love her hair! XDD i think she looks most like chunnie in the 3rd pic.

the 2nd pic, she looks pretty + cute ^^

the 3rd one, she looks.. handsome(?)
omigosh, can i say that?! XDD

aizamia boojaejoong said... worries...must be a pleasure to her about this compliment..=D
bet u r going to stare at her without blinking your eyes if she stands in front of you..LOL..her cuteness is non-stoppable..XDDD

thanks for dropping by and this comment...^^

★ Sri Aisha ★ said...

omo! to me , she looks like f(x) Amber ! seriously ! :DD

aizamia boojaejoong said...

f(x) amber?..seriously?..*jap digging amber pics*......hurm..tang mana ye?...XDD ada jugak sikit kot...keke..neway, thanks for the comment..^^

kyoshi_sousuke said...

waa..tvxq tu~~hihi

kyoshi_sousuke said...

tgk2 gmbar knal...hahaha