Wednesday, May 11, 2011


sometimes i wonder what is people's definition about love?..different people different perception, right?..and there should be a different expression for love on God, family, friends and our love someone, agree?? for me, i don't have any specific definition on love..i just show it through my hope that they will realize they are the among the important ones in my life..of course love for GOD is everything..that doesn't need any explanation i guess..and family as well..whatever happens, family will comes first since they have been with you since you were born and they know you the best, support in everything that you, be there for you, love the way you are sincerely..unlike your loved someone and friends who just getting to know about you..that's why in this love your family the most out of everything...

love for somebody? am i going to interpret this since i never been in love before..i don't know..seriously...."=.= i'm not ready yet to define let us continue to...

friends..they are like the best thing happen in my life..i have been met with a lot of people with different characters and behaviour..from them, i'm improving a lot to be a better friend for people..i love them like hell..people said, we tend to love people that always be around us more than anyone else who are far away..and i take that as a true fact..that's why i hate meeting someone where in the end i know that we have to separate one day..and it hurts..damn hurt!!..pity my heart which always carry this burden..but time will heal it slowly..and the memory will never fade away..i can promise you that..and dear friends..hope your love for me will never been erased and make me live in your heart forever coz i will do the same thing for you...^^


kyoshi_sousuke said...

wawawa~minat sgt k-pop ek??cm page artis dh..haha

zoekmachine optimalisatie said...

What a interesting article ans i like these pics. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice article you have there. Just wanted to drop a message and also let you know that I've re-used a picture of yours from your blog.
If you mind that I'm using them, please let me know, I'll remove them :)
Just thought of sharing it through my blog too that's all.
Take care.
From a fellow Malaysian that is living abroad :)