Thursday, December 2, 2010

i'll be waiting..DBSK

'NINE'..this song seriously made me cry so bad..the nine symbolize it had been 9 years the boys experience together..all the bittersweet memories between them..impossible to this..understand it and provide a box of tissue's time to let the tears flow...

"FALLING LEAVES"..composed by Junsu himself seriously touched me to the core..this song is beautifully sang by the trio and successfully made my eyes swollen badly coz of crying too much..they ask us to wait..i will Junsu oppa..won't break this promise..i know one day DBSK will start all over again and the world will soon covered by the powerful red ocean once more..always keep the faith is not just a phrase that be said again and again without any is a promise and believe between us and TVXQ..


Fay said...

Tak sabar nak tunggu studio version punya. oh TVXQ akan buat comeback as a two-unit next year. haishh sedih sedih.

but anyway, tak mau sedih-sedih. the boys are doing just fine. i believe one day, maybe not now..they will be coming back together. always keep the faith! XD

aizamia boojaejoong said...

yeah..always keep the faith..
even ada setengah yang ckp..hey, move only left homin n jyj but i dun care..i dun wanna mature and stubbornly will wait tvxq comeback..yeah2..they will comeback as tohoshinki too..waaaa..sedey2..but aii..apa boleh buat..homin have to do something too..4th december ni sebutan semula kes..tomorrow lah kan..hope the boys will get good news..damn sme..adess...

Fay said...

haha part of me pun x nak terima kenyataan yg sekarang ni tinggal homin dgn jyj (i'm not saying that they disband). u know, it takes me sometimes to get over this. i have been with them for 5 years, grown up with them, susah nak percaya they will end up like this. (this is not the end this is THE BEGINNING) even thought their path are not same anymore i'll believe in them.


aizamia boojaejoong said...

yeah..knowing them as 5 since early debut is really's so pitiful seeing them to be end up this way..homin n JYJ?..wth..>.<
am waiting for JYJ to drag HoMin from SME and revive tvxq..i know the day will come..let us just wait and see..^^