Saturday, October 22, 2011

DB5K..My biggest Inspiration

TVXQ..i knew them for almost 10 years..i have been been with them through thick and thin..watching them rise and fall..smiling and laughing like crazy watching them being playful, teasing each other non-stop..cried with them when they won awards or bad situation befall on them and feel like my hearts has been ripped out when the lawsuit hurts dat the extend i hate everyone who makes them suffer and pray to God to give them back what they had done to the's so unfair but when i think back, life has so much meaning to be discovered..i have faith in God for everything He does..He gives tests and obstacles so that people live their life to the fullest..appreciate people around them, learn and improve from the past mistakes to be a better person..i see these things through the seriously..i saw how they try to survive in this cruel world, how they tried so hard to improve, how they treasure people around them, how they never give up in this life, how they utilize abilities that God had given them, how they care for people's feelings, how they swallow those harsh words from anyone that dislike or hate or uneasy with them and many more..see?..that is how i make them my inspirations..these positive sides that make me in love with them from time to time and the feelings got deeper as time goes by..God tests them so much yet they keep looking at the bright side.. the biggest test came when they had to split into 2 different's like dividing your family members..but that is the only thing SME doesn't even understand..people said they are good but if they are, they will take care of the boys like their own children at the first place..but they didn't, right?..if the basic thing in 'love' also SME had failed, what about other things?..argh..*hate to mention that name..haish*..anyway, these are the things that i wanna tell you..

know who's this?..yeah..he's our leader U-Know Yunho..he maybe not the perfect guy but he's totally perfect in my eyes..why? spite of his handsome look, there are more behind that good-looking face..his hardships, his attitudes, his damn cool personality that make him look the best..i don't know him that well obviously but judging from his stories and experiences, i respect him the most..he always appear that cool no matter on or off stage..wanna look the best in front of people, lead the group when nobody did, a caring brother for his other members, be there whenever they need him, always show his best, improve whenever he feels he's lacking and this macho man never let you see his tears coz maybe he feels tears symbolizes weaknesses but if he does, means it is from the very bottom of his heart..when DB5K meet with difficulties, he always try his best to overcome them and after the lawsuit, i guess he's the most worried person on earth..he needs to move on, needs to carry the name..imagine all the troubles that he should's not that easy..easily he gained another respect from me..

our most adorable maknae but now he's a young handsome man..our very own Choikang Changmin..he always be the matured person in the group..and apparently the smartest..we know that he cares for his hyungs but seldom show it..he's not a man that very easy with feelings..he's not someone who's going around and tell fans or people that he loves them..but we can judge him from his actions while being around them..he's the strongest boy all this time.but when he cried in mkmf 2008, shows that he had lowered down his ego a bit and let the tears of joy fell down his cheeks..he said that he never expect that the fans are waiting and still supporting them after they left for japan almost 2 years..i love how he had that soft, gentle and delicate sides hiding behind his strength..

he's not adorable but the cutest thing on earth when he's in playful mode and can turn to be the handsome gentleman that you ever met..yeah..he's our Micky Yoochun..he has like the most gentle heart out of this 5..he cried easily which indicates that he totally has pure sensitive feeling..he may not be that good looking to you but after you know him, you can die from his charmness..his words sometimes so mushy and make fans scream out of excitedness and plus he is someone that you really can depend and rely on..what i admire him the most is on how he strives hard to live and survive in korea, apart from his family who stayed in the US during that time besides being sad on his parents divorce issue..*yeah..i cried watching his story in YSMM* wonder he try hard to be a lady's man who wanted a good wife and beautiful home that full with family's love..=D

the greatest voice i ever heard, Xiah Junsu..such a talented person indeed..with the husky voice he conquers the world easily..i just love how his vocal can be powerful while he's singing and be too soft when he does normal talks..don't get what i mean?..try to watch or listen to him will fall for him immediately..he plays a lot, doing cute styles and everything when he's around his brothers but when it comes to serious talks, you will be amazed on how he can convey such thoughtful and deep words that filled with honesty..when i read a fanaccount recently on YooSu In Heaven fanmeeting, his saying has moved my heart like i wanna cry reading it..seriously, he has grown up..much grown up..there's no more much playful side on him coz maturity has take over..

most probably by now you already know who's my ultimate bias, right?..yeah..none other than Kim JaeJoong..time flies but my love for him never fade..almost 10 years loving him never make me tired..well, of course i know the love won't get any return from him but yeah..i'm happy this loving him and other members make me aware on what's happening to them..don't ask me why i love this guy, other than his super good look, he's such a good person..the mommy of the group..well, our mom indeed a nice person, isn't it?..that reflects him well..=D and being that handsome never made him a born-rich boy..he had too many hardships to endure before be what he is now..before a clumsy young boy now become charismatic man..he matures too and that is the obvious thing i can see..

i really hope one day that these boys can be united i pray that JYJ had the intention to bring HoMin out from that cruel world..full of lies and conspiracies..i don't want them to lead life like that..together they bring joys to Cassies know why i never fail to keep the faith?..coz i have faith in God..even the reality is not like i wanted but in the future who knows? one..all are in His hands, Allah s.w.t...insyaAllah....=D


dea said...

thanks for sharing

Xeera Nazira said...

i'm tearing rite now.. argghh! i miss TVXQ damn much. T_T

Yuki no Sekai said...

Alway Keep The Faith...^^

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