Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around the World..

Traveling..i really wanna do that..seeing some of my friends that go to overseas either for holidays or continue their studies..i really envy of that honestly..visiting other people's place should be an interesting experience i can tell..

Eiffel Tower in Paris..City of Love and Fashions..well, that's what people are saying..if i can experience once..then life is GREAT!..=D

London Bridge..I hope i can see it with my own eyes..and not just found it in the song for children..^^

visiting New Zealand for clean n breezy air would be absolutely refreshing!..

Sakura Park in i wish Malaysia will have four seasons..enjoying the beauty of sakura in Japan definitely will be the unforgettable experience..:D

one of my fav spot for sightseeing..Niagara Allah's creation has impressed me..n i wanna see it for myself instead just looking at those pictures from google..haha

i bet this country is definitely one of the best to be visited, am i right?..with kangaroos and the opera house would be something not to be missed, one day insyaAllah..i will reach there...^^

as a fan of K-pop..Jeju Island is a place that should be included in a must-visit list..this place is so interesting and so relaxing..(n_n)

Last but not least..of course Mecca..even i can't go to any place i mention above but this..a place that SHOULD be going..where most of our prayers and wishes be granted..and it makes you feel so close with your Creator...^^


fhmk-- said...

IKR sis, i feel the same! wanna go travelling when earning enough money :) good luck for both of us!^^ HAHA

aizamia boojaejoong said...

haha..yeah..good luck for both of us ne~~..aish..bila nampak pictures from my friends yg traveling..serious jeles sgt..huhu