Sunday, April 3, 2011

memories with my 16 sisters..

this semester i have met 16 awesome sisters and create a big happy family..seriously i love them all..they are among the best people that i ever's regretful i don't meet them earlier and i'm grateful that i took this subject..dear sisters, i won't forget you guys and good luck for your future undertakings and keep in touch..^^

♥ kak mir-chan and kak yana ♥

♣ kak mira..she's one of my sisters that i love the most..she's too cute ya know..her chubby cheeks+fairskin=a total cuteness..haha..her friendliness and a good sister material make me comfortable at the utmost..=D ♣

♣ kak yana..she's another one of the sisters that i love the most coz feel i can be in my comfortable zone when i'm with her and talk freely..she's really nice and just like kak mira..she owns a good sister material too..however, once she's in playful mode, u got to see her child side instead of being serious while doing her work..haha..and plus..she's fun to be with.. ♣

♥ kak auji and kak yana ♥

♣ kak auji..she's an excellent person when comes to system..she's the one who conducts our PA system during the event..she's hilarious and seriously playful..ohya, she loves to hang out with her though ♣

♣ kak yana..this kakak you will be taken aback when this look-like-innocent-girl-next-door transform into someone playful and make you laugh crazily..if she has a camera with prepared to be interviewed by her..haha..funny sister she is ♣

♥ kak farhanah ♥

she's my senior since high school..i remembered during high school, she's a quiet person..well, maybe i didn't get to know her very well back then but today, i can see her as one of the friendliest sisters in her when she's laughing..i don't know..just feel like that..haha

♥ kak ieka @ irika ♥

♣ kak first impression i thought she's a person that really hard to be close with but once again my thought was wrong..she's definitely a friendly girl..she's interested in korean stuff just like, maybe that's the way we become closer..she's good sister indeed..^^

♥ kak fieza ♥ kak ieta ♥ kak ezan ♥

♣ kak fieza..this tall-slim girl is our will have this 'she's a serious girl' when u first look at her but your thought will directly change once u got to know her..she's talkative and funny too..=D ♣

♣ kak ieta..she's a fashionista girl..whatever she wears..she looks good in it and of course lah cantik kan..thought she's a silent girl but well, don't judge a book by its cover, right?..she's definitely good at talks too..haha ♣

♣ kak ezan..out of sisters out there..she's the funniest one..once she open her won't stop laughing and smiling till u feel your stomach wanna burst out..hahaha..she's that kind of person..friendly, lively and truly hilarious! ♣

♥ kak Dee ♥ kak nisa ♥ kak ainziey ♥ kak erynn ♥

♣ kak dee is a small sweet girl that you will ever know..i love to hear her voice..seems so 'tiny'..haha..and she's a good drifter i can tell..sit with her in the car and you'll know..=D ♣

♣ kak nisa..thought her as a chinese girl when our first meeting..haha..if later let say she marries a chinese man..her children definitely will inherit both of their parents chinese her innocent sweet smile.. ♣

♣ kak ainziey..first impression..a quiet and shy person..but actually she's a good talker too..during our activities, she conducted the kids very well..and she's a pretty girl too...^^ ♣

♣ kak erynn..i 'tumpang' her car when we went to the school for the first time *for me and umie*..and gotta admit she's a good to look at her since she's got this fair skin and she has a beautiful smile..=)♣

♥ kak wawa ♥

♣ she's a livelier sister..she's just like kak ezan who can make you laugh easily and be entertained with her behaviour ♣

♥ kak nad ♥

♣ honestly, she's the one that i take the longest time to be close with..maybe coz i always be with kak yana instead of mixing around more..but at the end of the day, i knew kind lots of things bout her..but the obvious one..she's the best cats lover that i've seen so far..truly looking so fun when she's playing with her 'children' *don't misunderstood ok..children is the cats*..haha ♣

♥ kak dya ♥

♣ even i don't know her that close but i know she's seriously a good sister just like the others and she's a good friend with kak ieta.. ♣


Anonymous said...

u make me smile all the way. hahaha

Anonymous said...

kak ezan ni. malas nak login. anyway kumao.

neomu haengbokhada !

neomu johda!

kamsahamida dongsae.

aizamia boojaejoong said...

haha..welcome and thankiess..pasti akan merindui akak nanti..huhu..

E nur A said...

gedikss jer,

Fiezah said...

thnkz mia...slim ker?kak ezan slim lagi kot...hehehe