Wednesday, December 22, 2010


money..surely is important to everyone of us, right? feels like we can't live without having any money in our for me..i love to buy things..well, there's like so many things i wanna buy..ranging from clothes to mp3..i know it consumes a lot of bucks but still i think wanna grab all those things..this is why i always have to give my ear listening to my sis..nagging..she's the one who always says i'm not very good in spending money wisely..and i admit that i am..even myself sometimes thinking that i've spent too much money but times are moving forward..impossible to turn back time, isn't it?..seriously, if i don't have a good money will go wasted badly and i miss to spend on good and necessary things..ok..remember my previous post about i went to JYJ showcase?..honestly, i borrowed my sis money and again i ask to lend me money from my other little sis..god..when total them up reaching almost rm1k?..gotta be kidding me but that the serve me right..have to work and pay them back..anyway, thanks to them for their willingness in lending me so much money and i don't mind working to repay them..on the other hand, there's different stories when comes to work issue..tired?'s DAMN tired..that's why recently my blog was abandon with no updates..busy working..8-10 hours everyday..each day is very hectic..physically and emotionally..even my tiny brain need some rest..huhu..and dealing with some people out there sometimes make me give up with working field..but hey!..i still in my youth and i'm talking about giving up? working?'s ridiculous..i have 30-40 years more to earn money..>.<

ignore this sign for now but i use it when i feel so..hahaha.. world get better when everything is free?? u think so?..nope..i don't..i think the world will go upside down and chaos everywhere..n maybe that's why money was i wish they would fall from the sky and it's going to be heaven i can tell if this situation happens..LOL..

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