Sunday, December 26, 2010

happy 7th anniversary...TVXQ!


i love you forever my dearest TVXQ! which consists of five awesome young boys..Jung Yunho, Kim JaeJoong, Kim Junsu, Park YooChun and Shim Changmin..all your sweat and tears to bring us good music will be ultimately appreciated..i promise to support and cherish you till the end of matter what's a promise that i will never break..will be beside you till time stops and the world stop spinning..

i love you forever my hot leader Jung are the best leader ever..i never met any guy with so much dedication to the group members..your leadership is obviously shown in whatever situations..i never stop admiring you for that..and your dance never fail to amaze sizzling hot..and don't forget your important job unite the members promised, remember?..if whenever there situation that force TVXQ! in will bring back them to complete the group..don't still have time and we'll support you...^0^

i love you forever my powerful husky voice Kim Junsu..for the past se7en never stop to amaze me with your fits in any song seriously..sometimes i feel you can be the voice of the have like the best voice that even can beat the world best singer now..and not forget your unique's so adorable..with your brightens up my gloomy day..haha..and do you know that you are looking so freaking cute when you are on stage being teased by other members..that's epic!..with cute face of yours..i can die smiling..XDD

i love you forever my best high-pitch Shim best youngest member ever..even you are all grown up now but still i consider you the cutest boy on earth..and you've changed much from your younger days..cute --> handsome..oh..not just handsome..but soooooo handsome..=D i'm having a severe illness due to have less blood in my body..nosebleed much..haha..and not forget your powerful high-pitch..don't still own it..nobody can do like that and replace you..

i love you forever my dandy boy Park Yoochun..from adorable boy to good-looking gentleman..and you are my mr.killer smile..seriously in love with your cheekbones and beautiful smile of yours..and not forget the way you talk in's way too attractive!..and your words are all so sweet..your innocence too..why chun..why? can steal my heart at a split second with your every doing and talking but i

i love you forever my ultimate favourite man Kim Jaejoong..i have been in love with you since last seven years and this love keeps growing..every second, minute, hour, day, month and year..till now, i never wish to stop..i don't know what to say..i just love the way you are..from head to toe..every angle and every position..the way you smile, speak, laugh, stare, cry..everything..


The journey has not yet to end and the story is not in the last still have more parts to be years is just the have a long way to go, patient and strengthen your heart to overcome obstacles that block your way..i day..the world will be yours again..i will keep's not tiring..won't giving up so easily on you..always keep the faith..♥♥♥


Haruno Hana 하나 said...

Always Keep The Faith!!!!
Happy 7th Anniversary^^
we will wait for you
love Yunho~

intansyazana said...

#7yearsfordbsk trend on twitter really lasted very long!

I'm one of them too :P

_fahakyu_ said...

handsome boys swoon my heart. haha!