Monday, December 6, 2010

Allah loves me a lot...

I don't know whether u guys notice it or not but as for me i have find some events and situations that somehow i know Allah has helped me and He loves me a lot...Alhamdulillah..

1. as for JYJ showcase..He finally let me go to the event..ya know's a miracle..i thought i couldn't go for some reason but He made another reason till i can go to the's complicated to be explained here..*and as for this i've promised to fast in a day as a repay..we call it as a 'puasa nazar'..=D

2. He made me born in this beautiful family..i'm so grateful having Abd Rahim n Sarah Rauf as my parents and Mohd Khairi, Khairiyah, Nur Amirah n Nur Aisyah as my siblings and others for my family is not from a rich one but we live in mom said..always be grateful coz we are living this way..there's a reason why..Allah may not gives us rich in terms of money and assets but He gaves us other things to be treasured..^^

3. He knows i love kpop too much so He made me not being so fond in buying other things..if not i guess my money will be drained and wasted..haha..

4. He made me not-so-pretty-girl maybe coz He knows that if let say i'm categorized among the pretty ones..i will be so proud and never be down-to-earth-girl or, am grateful for being like this..and i think by being this way..i can learn more about other people..^^

5. Allah answered almost to all my prayers..Alhamdulillah..what i've always wanted..i will's not on the spot but yeah..some of them will take time..^^

6. in terms of friends..i've experienced so many i'm going to say this's an example..i saw a girl/guy and on that time in my mind will be thinking like "i'm going to make friend with him/her one day" and seriously they are my friends now..including my crush..*sshh, he doesn't know that i like him*..XDD

7. do u guys believe that i will get my consequences an instant if i disobey my mom's words??..haha..i'm not pulling your legs guys..but it does happen..example, my mom asked me to help her in the kitchen and i kinda yelled at her.."Yes, MOM!..but at the same time in my mind saying * so lazy*..and when the time i wanna go to her in the kitchen, i must be tripped or accidentally hit something that make me go 'ouch'..XDD *well, i take that as a reminder from God that doesn't want me to be a bad daughter*..haha

8. Last but not least..the most important thing that i wanna say..i'm so grateful for being a Muslim and may Allah protect me and strengthen my heart that enables me to row my boat traveling across the waves in the ocean of life...^^


intansyazana said...

what made me realize allah cares about me is UPSR.
I drank air yassin before going to school. and it worked off with hard work and faith in allah.

_fahakyu_ said...

salam maal hijrah :) you're bless sis even with your crush XDD

Fay said...

Allah loves all the people. It is only us who sometime doesn't realize it. :)

Salam maal hijarah. :D

aizamia boojaejoong said...

salam maal hijrah guys..
thanks for replying and commenting..and have to agree..
Allah seriously love us all..only us that hard to realize it..better notice it now before it's too late...^^

Izzie said...

yes it wasnt too late to wish a happy new year to u.. and yes Allah is always be there for us.. it only us who're always forgetful towards Him..