Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy?..jealous?..definitely yes.. i go..anybody knows what day is it?'s a day when ukiss had their 1st fanmeeting in Malaysia..and what am i doing?..*sigh*..honestly, i really wanna go but it's just that i can't due to few reasons..and the biggest obstacle is one and Mom..LOL..if let say i tell her that i wanna go, definitely she won't allow and forbid me from going..i can go out from Malacca only if i'm with families..i know..she just being too protective..well, moms usually worried more about daughters, right?...anyway, i'm happy that most of my friends were having fun with the's nice to hear those positive comments from them..the boys were being friendly and funny..what can i do?..only can imagine things from what i heard..not forget to thank my friends that still keep me in their mind..wanie and afie especially..wanie chagya..thanks for the poster and album..and as for afie..thanks for bringing my gift and present it to xander..i really appreciate it...^^

humans tend to feel jealous when the thing they wanted they didn't get instead other people did, right?..apply this to me at this moment..i seriously wanna meet these boys but it's a disappointed thing to be talked about right now..i'm glad that i'm working today so i didn't think about it much but i did after my friends gave me their call and told me what happened at the fanmeeting just now..U-Kiss...*sigh*..just hope that i can meet u guys in the future..maybe not in the nearest time but i'm sure we will one day...=D

p/s : i'm really and super tired coz i worked since last monday 8 hours non-stop and today was 13 hours..1 hour break and that is the only moment where i can sit down and relax my, i can't really feel them..haha..and seriously i feel like quitting but no way i'm gonna quit..every minute counts and it's money..ROFL..
and by the way, i cannot read through fanaccount about what happen..i will just feel a lil bit hurt..hehe..maybe i will when i get better...hahaha

till then....


nor azizah ishak said...
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nor azizah ishak said...

alorrr....rilex aa babe!
i do understand what does your feeling..
it brings back mmemory on dong bang 2nd concert...
like shit huh??
its hard once when youre at home..everything must be asked...hurm...

sabar je jelah sayang...^^

jumpe lah u-kiss dlm mimpi...
jgn lupe kiss diorg..bukan sorang,tapi SEMUA!


jkpureaddiction said...

unnie.. kte da upload gamba diorunk kat fb n later br nak bwat fanacc. I know u don't have mood to read their fanacc. So, maybe looking the pic will heal u?? (or maybe kill u.. :()

anyway, chibi here. x luper kan...?? ^__^

aizamia boojaejoong said...

jijah: thanks ye did u know?..seriously mmg feeling die mcm tuh..i tutup mata n pekakkan telinga jek..x suke ati sakit..haha..capricorn tahap cemburu mmg tinggi sket r..hahaha...surely will kiss each one of them...kekeke..and agree bout being at home..everything must be asked and need approval..parents..*sigh*
but it's ok..dah lepas dah pon..hu3

chibi: yea2..unnie sure remember u lah dear..kat sebelah jek masa ss2 with ur cool year p x?...ajak ur mom skali..chibi dear..where do u live anyway?..i know in kl but which area?

jkpureaddiction said...

next year insyaallah pegi if nothing happens to me or no exam kaco2 the time.

haha.. bkn kat kl pown. in bangi jer.
anyway unnie, nanti kter msk uni kat melaka, utem in july!! haha.. jd org melaka jugak la nampaknye kter ni.

aizamia boojaejoong said...

really chibi?..that's great!!..utem..dekat jek kot..tgk r..melaka pown kecik jek..haha..

orait..if pegi..inform ok...^^