Thursday, April 8, 2010

u-kiss facts

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Who’s the U-Kiss member who likes to read books?
Kibum likes to read books. He reads one when he wakes up in the morning.

Who’s the U-Kiss member that listed Nam Ji Hyun as his ideal type?
Dongho’s ideal types: Park Bo Young, Shin Min Ah, IU & Nam Ji Hyun. So it’s Dongho.

Who is the U-Kiss member who wants to be a Hollywood actor someday?
Eli wants to be a Hollywood actor.

How about this, who’s the U-Kiss member who sleeps the most?
It’s Kibum who sleeps the most.

Who is the U-Kiss member who eats the most?
Eli eats the most.

2ne1’s Try to Follow Me is Alexander’s current favorite song.

Eli’s current ringtone: Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-Ara.

Dongho likes to eat meat.

U-Kiss won’t be attending Dream Concert 2010.

Alexander is Dongho’s math tutor in the group. He helps out with Dongho’s assignments.

Alexander’s GPA in college: 3.97 out of 4.00

Dongho plays Warcraft and probably other online games.

Kibum doesn’t have a girlfriend. Definitely not one in SNSD.

A Kiseop fact? He wants to be a programmer.

Kibum had his first love last August 28, 2008. Wanna know her name?

Her name is.. Kisumi / Kiss Me.
A fact about Kevin? He’s hugging a teddy bear while sleeping.

How many siblings do each of the members have?
That I don’t know. I only know that Kevin has a sister, Eli has younger siblings and such. (Xander has his sister Victoria and I think another sister. Eli has an older and younger sister. Then of course Kibum’s brother)
Kevin likes blue & Dongho likes pink.

Dongho and IU good friends. IU is Dongho’s ideal type, but that’s just it.

Does Eli live alone?
I’m quite confused. Eli said his mother is in US but in Raising Idols he said he lives with his parents. (He said on Mid Day Break he lived alone.)
There are 10 episodes of U-Kiss Vampire

Dongho was born in 1994. He’s 16 this year.

All U-Kiss members are Christians except for Kiseop who is a Buddhist.

Kevin and Xander remained in Korea for an extra day to film Star King because they are mainstays on that show.

Kevin does not have, and has never had, a girlfriend.

Kibum can speak Japanese. He can also read and write hiragana, Katakana and kanji.

U-kiss will return to the Philippines on May 29th

Xander was born in ‘88.

Kevin’s favourite colour is blue

General answer: All U-Kiss members are single.

I don’t think they have time for sports, but they do play games together. Nintendo and such.

I think Xander likes Chinese foods.

U-Kiss are allowed to date

U-Kiss are all single (I Think). They don’t have time for dating.

Eli likes well behaved girls.

I think Eli likes seafoods & steaks. He’s from the US.


gdyo_icecube said...

xander's GPA is just wow!! thx for beig dongho's tutor xander. but~ Dongho is such a player!! hahaa..glad that thy are will single. no time to play, get you name famous first. thx for sharing!!

aizamia boojaejoong said...

haha..yeah wonder he can master up to 7 languages..he's brilliant!..maths tutor for dong ho?..that's a total wow from me..hahaha...btw no prob..welcome..^^

hjkristin54 said...

OMO! why would U-KiSS not attend dream concert 2010??? :(

Anonymous said...

WOW a whole post dedicated to DBSK ♥ haha anyways, thanks for the u-kiss facts!!! (: