Tuesday, February 23, 2010

she doesn't fit to condemn me!

this incident happen when i woke up from my late evening was around 5pm when i got ready to go to the library..before that, as my habit, i won't straightly got up and get ready but i will rolled on my bed 1st and just now, i put the headphone on and watch a vid..that made me didn't hear the announcements and suddenly 'she' appears..she asked me to do something and seriously i didn't get what she's trying to say..and suddenly she told me like this.."eh, ko ni pekak badak ke?..x dengar annoucement tadi?..aku ada meeting malam ni, so amek r assignment tuh and hantar kan ok..aku dah siapkan dah"..even she was not in irritating tone like always but oh my~..that's totally pissing me off!!..what the heck was she thinking??..who is she to talk to me like that?? Along said..if she is my family, i won't mind..but she is still an outsider ok..and yet she was not apologizing..i'm totally disappointed with her..she's not totally sensitive about other feelings..anyway, i'm still trying hard to tell her about this..


KhaiYooRim said...

oh hello.. aku rse family kt pon xde r rude mcm 2.. ntah hape2.. pekak badak? is that the way u ask for help? sound je ah.. xyah cover2.. soh die anto sndri.. klo ko dh pekak badak, mesti r ko x dgr pmintaan die 2.. hmm.. hangin je aku dgr..

aizamia boojaejoong said...

betul along..aku pun dok bengang..dah lah aku baru bangun tido kot..tu r..aku rase dia ckp ngan akak2 dia pun mcm tu r..x de adab..x rase bersalah pulak tuh..wat derk je..mase tuh aku mmg bengang..aku wat muka bodoh je..