Sunday, February 28, 2010

huan zhu ge ge aka my fair princess..

believe it or not..almost 13 years since this show had broadcasted..i was still in elementary school that time..wanna know who my 1st crush is?..he played as the role of the 5th prince..the emperor's son, lover to the main character, xiao yan zhi played by vicki zhou wei..haha..he is ALEC SU YOU PENG..these both characters were my ultimate favourite at that time..they really match well together..i will spazz about them especially with my friends coz they like this story as well..and know what..currently, i bought their cds even there are no subs..anyway, i understand what they are talking about k..thanks to all chinese shows that i've watched..they improve me a lot..sometimes, i know what chinese people are saying but i dunnoe how to reply..hahaha..

from left- xia zhi wei (ruby lin) and xiao yan zhi (vicki zhou)..
see the thing on their head?..i really like to see them wearing it..especially with those 2 red things hanging on both of their sides..haha..the props they used, all are amazing and beautiful.. ^^

xiao yan zhi (vicki zhou)..she's pretty, isn't she?..i really like her face..those big eyes really attractive coz it's rare to find chinese with those features..^^

i truly and definitely like this couple!..they really really and really good together..the chemistry is yong qi is the 5th that time..i felt, he is the most and super handsome even he was half bald..XD
alec su you peng..but totally falls head over heels for him in 'old house has joy' this show, he has this spiky hair instead of having no hair and oh my~..he is hotness..acted with vicki zhou again..imagine am i suppose not to be happy??..hehe..feelings that time is's too, alec's age is around 35++ but who cares..i still like him anyway..^^

p/s: this story never been removed from my all-time fav..instead, this show is the very 1st story that made me not moved an inch from my screen and the feeling when i'm watching this's too good..and now i'm sad coz whenever i watch this show, i know that time flies too fast and i've already grown up now..why we must be an adult?'s fun to be young and free to do mistakes..hoho..


Anonymous said...

OMG~ this is sooooooooooooooo NOSTALGIC!!!
it was like a disease back then..
people will do their hair, their accessories, costumes in class. HAHAHAHA!! love this!
I knew it's on air currently right?

aizamia boojaejoong said...

yeah's really nostalgic..
and i hope i'll be home watching this..i even downloaded the songs and bought cd yang x de sub tuh..hahaha

Anonymous said...

lol~ sanggup u beli yg xde sub??
geeezz... i kire nak layan balik citer ni.
tp xdak source. ==

aizamia boojaejoong said...

i beli yang cetak je hara..x mampu beli orignal..i x bwk blk i copy dalam xtrnal..keke..
tp i terkejut gak..i rasa2 i mmg phm r apa yg diaorang ckp tuh..hahaha

Anonymous said...

lol~ yg aiai tgk tu, diolah ke? i mean not cantonese but jd mandarin or whatsoever?

aizamia boojaejoong said...

mandarin rasanya..tuh yg mcm phm tuh..XD

nape?..d original one is what language?

Anonymous said...

i oso forgor dy.. should be cantonese right??
kat tv ari tu dorg olah suara pegi mandarin klu x silap...
jd tak sedap dgr.

aizamia boojaejoong said...

tp mandarin rasanya yg ori..ntah ler hara..mana2 lah..XD

ari tuh tgk x de sub, my niece yang translate coz dia p chinese skool..
so bila dlm mandarin..dia phm r sket2..hahaha

Anonymous said...

lol~ u got a translator? XDD

aizamia boojaejoong said...

yeah..and this one will be my inspirations to take mandarin as my 3rd language as well..kekeke

Nurul Atiqah (iQa) said...

new my fair princess now available on you tube..but if im not mistaken, there is changing on their actor and actress..