Tuesday, February 9, 2010


seriously i have no idea what to blog about..that's why i never update anything..haha..and the suckness of the net also can be one of the factors..XD
anyway, just 2 days ago, which on sunday, i went to seremban wif my Along on the way to meet our newborn niece..guess what..for the 1st time in my life, and never get on the commuter by myself i did it!..even it's only difference by one station but proud of myself coz bravely rode on the train alone..hahaha..i never thought i'm gonna travel that far by a commuter..

da night before, i asked kak aliya whether can send me to Batu Tiga commuter then she asked what i gave her the time and when the day came, i took rapid KL till PKNS and there, kak aliya fetched me..suddenly she said she can send me till commuter Shah Alam..i was like 'is this mean i have to travel to Batu Tiga alone?'..dang!..i'm right..she asked me to go to Batu Tiga by myself..i was afraid but then, i have to no matter what coz my sis will be waiting there..
so i took the train and waited for my sis almost half an hour..when she arrived, she straight bought tickets to mid valley..we are going to shop for my niece present..

we bought a hamper wif fully's a travel pack so it is a complete set..
and then we headed to's truly a hectic day..from mid to seremban..the train had to stop around 6-7 stations before reached ours..oh i know why people can fall asleep in the train and miss their stop..

da day ended when my dad sent us home..i mean back to Uni of course..luckily da car can 'muat' manse~!..XD

and now patiently waiting for saturday to come!..i'm going back to M.A.L.A.C.C.A!!!..home sweet home!~

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