Saturday, January 30, 2010

yesterday, while i was in front of the pc, umie approached me and showed me a msg from my other classmate that we will be heading to the Islamic Museum today (saturday)..i was like what?!..since there was no information about that before..i just plan to get an oversleep..haha..but the plan hafto be cancelled coz of this..anyway, today..umie and i got ready by 7.50am and awaited for ayu and diana before went to the bus parking was a shocked coz only 11 of us out of 30 people in the classroom followed this trip..the rest were 3rd semester students..they were shocked to see us as well..they are under en. azman guidance while we are under mr. saiful fariq..actually our lecturer told us that this was an optional decision when we called him this morning..whether u wanna follow or's up to u..hurm..if i knew about this earlier..definitely will not going..but since that we were already we decided to follow..

after we reached the was still unopened and they decided to take breakfast there since most of them haven't eaten yet..the museum will be opened to public only after 10am..ok..while everyone else was eating..the four of us diana, umie, ayu and i snapped few pictures there..haha..selca-ing ..after everybody already done with their meal, we headed to the museum right after that..i was amazed once i entered..the design is so unique and amazing..most of u think that museum is a boring place, then u r right but it is not for those who really like to know about history and ancient things..the items that were imported directly from their original place were fabulous..very rare and even there are no more things like this in this era.. museum is a oh-so-boring place but for me it is not like is a place where it keeps the historical things so that u can treasure them and make them useful for future reference and let the next generation have the spirit of loving own country..*alamak, patriotik lah plak*..haha..but this is what i think..

p/s: visiting these kind of places aren't bad at all anyway....


pinat jj said...

u noe wat??? unnie almost nk ikot gak pegi muzium 2... aish, kalo x bley kta g jln2 sesama... hehe... coz my fren yg wat lwatan 2... ktanya ada kosong g, kalo nk ikot bley... tp unnie mlm 2 tdo lmbt, then pagi esoknya x larat angkat mata... hehe...pas diorg blk, diorg kta nsb bek unnie x ikot, coz tetiba ada bdk part 2 yg ikot skali... diorg pon terkejot kot, trlebih student smp x ckup kerusi... hehe... nmpknye, x de jodoh lg kta~~~ T-T

aizamia boojaejoong said...

serius ke?..kitaorang pun terkejut gak..ingatkan lawatan kelas..member yg forward msg tuh..then 11 je dari kitaorg yg dtg..tup2 dapat tau yg bende ni leh choose same ada nak p atau x..aish..if tau x pegi kot..x pe lah unnie..skang nih mungkin x de jodoh tp mana tau after raye cina dapat 'umph'..jodoh lebih kuat kot..hahahaha..

pinat jj said...

yup...part 3 wajib wat lawatan, pegi muzium ni klas B yg wat, klas A plak nnt wat pegi arkib... so, pasni kalo kalo ada lwtn pegi arkib, x yah ikot...buuusan je suma 2... haha... muzium ni bley thn lg, cntik gak... arkib sgt bosan kot!!! haha... ya, stuju3... pasni kna mndi bunga nk bg jodoh kta kuat... kekeke

aizamia boojaejoong said...

owh..g lecturer pun ada ckp pasal ke? me x pernah lg p arkib..unnie dah pernah p ke?..
mandi bunga?..haha..buley je..
bila lah nak jumpa unnie..byk nak citer..especially bout my friend not me lah..kisahnya ngan shinee kat s'pore..dia sgt and tersgt lah lucky!

pinat jj said...

unnie dh penah pegi yg kat penang jer... yg 2 kecik la, x mcm arkib kat kl 2... arkib 2 kongsi bangunan kat komtar, so mmg la sgt x besh... hmm, pasni kalo asgmt unnie x byk, kta jmpa ek~~~ haha... aish, wat3???so jelez wif her... huhu... bla la suju nk dtg nie??? x sabo dh~~~ ft island pon nk dtg thailand dis feb... asyik2 pegi thai je, mluat btoi~~~ huh

aizamia boojaejoong said...

betol unnie..mmg meluat..hoho..
asyik p negara2 jiran kita..m'sia mcm x sudi je nak singgah..aiyo~~..

yeah2..byk nak cerita kat unnie..betul..she's the luckiest person ever!..

alright..t unnie msg r bila nak dah activate maxis blk..=)

日月神教-任我行 said...