Sunday, January 31, 2010

ever since i stay in this college, i notice that i seldom go for jogging or dun even care to sweat..and i really love to eat, sleep and the these what i do as my routine..that is bad right?..haha..admit that am totally a lazy bump..recently, my sis is in the process of dieting as she has a sudden increase in her what happen usual, my friends and i went for dinner and i ordered 'mee goreng' today for my meal..i like to play with my phones, give random messages to peeps and even give a sudden call to my fams while we are waiting for the foods to be served..and today, i got a message from my sis saying that i should go on a diet as well..i hesitated for a while when she gave me that..and she told me that mom is worrying for me as she said that my body is getting bigger..hurm..maybe i grew a few 'inches' from the original my sis asked me that i should lessen my food consume..ok..i take that as a challenge..and the funny thing to be shared was that she said we hafto look ideal in order to meet suju during their concert..haha..that was totally funny along..know what mira said..she said that instead of meeting si won and ryeowook..we hafto meet shindong coz we shared the same size..hahahaha...but surely we are not looking like him..we are lil bit smaller..hoho..ok everybody also is going for dietary we must strengthen our determination too..hwaiting!!~...keke