Sunday, October 18, 2009

[RANDOM] Bored of Assignments loads

in the middle of night..or should i say morning since when i'm writing this, it's already 4am..i'm still figuring out how to settle this html codes (i'm building a website) and the dateline is this thursday and i'm still here, staring on the screen like an idiotic..damn..i juz hope it can be finished soon..however, i still like to solve html..i really like this lesson since i love to customize pages on websites so html is nearly become my passion..hehe..i'm tired staring, dizzied coz of the coding, sleepy and my back is aching..aish..too many complaints huh..thought of continuing tomorrow..hope it's not too late to begin..and i'm pretty sure most of my friends are already done with this..honestly, i'm kinda a last minute student and this is all started from my laziness..haha..laziness really kills when the dateline is know what i mean?..when we are lazy, everything will be put on will just working when da work has to be submitted in nearest time..:p

luckily this week will be only 2 test..and i really worried about my will it be then?..can i get a good result or otherwise?..the question and answer still wondering in my mind..aish..why human must have lazy character..haha..i know, that's one of the way that people can improve themselves..from lazy to hardworking and the result..the person will successful..coz hardworking is one of the key to success, right?..heheh..see?..i'm being silly again..the effect of working in the "middle of night"..haha..i think gonna pen off now..really feel sleepy and my eyes are hardly open..take care now..will blog again later..=)

p/s: i currently stalking MBLAQ, Rain's new boygroup..they are hotties..lee joon..he caught my eyes with his their 'oh yeah' cute..*faints*..hoho..and SHINee new song Ring Ding Dong really made my day..such an adorable the way, i really miss my boys, r they doing?..great?..down?..happy?..sad??..i dunnoe..i just can hope from far..hwaiting boys..always keep the faith..=)

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