Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[PICS] I'm in LOVE with MBLAQ..

this is leader Seung Ho..he is really a manly his chest muscle in 'oh yeah' mv..pheww..totally can't take my eyes off from that scene..hahaha..and his pouty lips really...kissable..hoho..*am not betraying Jae*

this is cutie lee joon..well, that is what i call him..he has really cute smile!!..i almost fell down from my chair seeing him smiling..hahaha..and the ultimate one when he pull up his shirt and his nice sculpted muscles are revealed..hahaha..*faints*..btw, his smiles reminds me of Ga In from BEG..quite same, right?..oh yeah, he played as Rain's lil bro in Ninja Assassin..erm, i do think he resembles Rain in certain angles..=)

next is G.O or the real name is Byung Hee..he is among the hottest celebrity with facial hair..haha..well, the people said so..he is the lead vocal of MBLAQ..and his voice is quite ear-please..sweet and melodious..=)

this is Sang Hyun aka Thunder..he is the rapper in MBLAQ..well, he really can rap very well..he is a lil brother to Sandara Park who currently an active singer of 2NE1..oh yeah, Thunder really love lemon..haha..and i'm really happy since he will have a cf with wonder girls soon!..i really can't wait!..=)

last but not least is Chul Yong aka first, i can't differentiate between lee Joon and him but since i recognize Lee Joon cute smile, then it will be no problem..hahaha..i'm not really know him well, but i'm going to dig about him more..hehehe..

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Anonymous said...

the picture u hav for mir its not him its joon lol